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How To Post On 50 Social Media Sites In A Snap

Do you wish you could get more tractions on your blog(s), social media, vidoes? If you could do it without a lot of manual effort, would you do it? In a few clicks, you can syndicate your blog(s), social media post(s), YouTube video(s) to up to 50 social media platforms. I’ve been using OnlyWire for a bit, and I can tell you it makes getting my posts out in the world a lot easier! Watch the video to see how it’s quick and easy.

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3 Favorite Music Videos For Hope and Gratitude

We all have that “song” that just touches us. It makes the darkness go away. It makes the tears flow easier. Or that song just makes the body move on that dance floor like no one is around. Music is so powerful… and no matter what we are going through or dealing with, the right song just nourishes our souls and gives a little something…you can’t get from watching movie. So here are some of my favorite songs, that just touches my soul and heart. I will admit I love me some Bebe and CeCe Winans. Yes, indeed!!!
  1. BeBe & CeCe Winans–Revealed Pt. 3–“Never Thought”

    Now listen to the song. See, we always are going to have up and downs. Sometime we don’t know which way is up. Let’s just keep it real. When I lost my Grandmother and Aunt in October 2012 life was tough. Those two ladies were like a my right arm, and left leg. My Aunt taught me how to stand up for myself. My Grandmother was my running buddy. It was nothing for us to skip work and go watch movie, eat lunch, and just talk for hours. I miss her!!!

    So one day I just happened to listen to one of those streaming music channels. I heard this song and just instantly was moved and blessed. I never thought any of the stuff I’ve done and will do was even possible. This is my 15 blog…I’ve never done this many. I’ve learned to ride a motorcycle. I’m a group fitness instructor. The list goes on. Now there have been some bad…and guess what they always worked out for my good. So, this song is a loving reminder that it’s always going to work out. Stay focused on what I can control (myself) and what I can do… the rest is going to happen.

  2. Never Would’ve Made It – Marvin Sapp 

    Now listen to this song, and feel gratitude and appreciation just swell up inside of you. Man, I love this song!!! This is my truth. I have too much in my life to be thankful and grateful for. I must look up and say “I never would have made it. Never could have made it without you.” Man, I am just grateful to be alive, right here in my place, at 1:35 am. Life is so awesome when you recognize you have the power to change any aspect of it – with a snap of a finger.
  3. He Saw The Best In Me – Marvin Sapp

    Another one of my favorites. “He saw the best in me.” Listen we all have moments in life, where you are harder on yourself than your real enemy. We all need someone who looks at us and sees what’s possible within us. They can help us to see what’s possible. Then help us to make what’s on the inside come out to the outside. This is why I strongly believe in personal and professional development. This is why I believe people should study themselves, because there’s so much good, joy, abundance, and prosperity down on the inside. Sometimes we just need someone to turn the mirror around, and show us where it is. “He saw the best in me!”
I will confess I didn’t want to put this one up and out there. Sharing my “spiritual side” is too much for me. Yet, I find peace. Your knowing that I believe in the spiritual side of life – God is important. Maybe someone out there needs to be inspired, hugged, and wrapped up in hope. What I do know, those videos give me hope and encouragement. It doesn’t mean my challenges goes away, it just means I’ve got some big guns in my corner. What are your go to music videos, that inspire you and help you to get centered. Please share them with me…we might have the same taste in music. Finally share this with a friend. Music is healing, inspirational, and powerful. Let it work it magic, when you share this blog.