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How To Stay Engaged – 3 Tips To Keep You In Your Game

Do you just feel like throwing in the towel at times? Have you ever thought to yourself, “Why am I hanging around these negative nellies?” Do you ever wonder why it’s so important to keep your mindset on positive and lovely things? Then let’s watch this video and have a conversation about it.

My middle nephew came to visit me and to help him with his career plans. During his visit, I got really present to a few things, that I just had to share. One of the biggest things that jumped right out at me was “negative self-talk.” It’s so darn destructive and yet mostly all of us are unaware that we do it in the first place. We do it everytime we dismiss our little wins. We do it when we make excuses for us not doing x,y, or z. We do it to make our friends look and feel better. I can do a whole video series on this. Yet, I only want to focus on 3 quick things you and I can do to keep ourselves engaged and on our game court.

Now on to the video!



I will confess, I was so worried about putting this video out there and sharing. It wasn’t perfect and blah blah blah. I just finished reading Grant Cardone’s book – Be Obsessed or Be Average.   Now, I am taking action; and that action is doing this. I am going to stick with internet marketing, self-branding till I get it right.  When we stay engaged and on the court, we can get things done and create wins for ourselves. You can win – just stay in the game and on the court.

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‘Should’ Is For The Dumps

Do you just feel like like your business ‘should’ be this or that? Do you feel like your sponsors, upline, or downline ‘should’ help you to win at your business?  We will talk about the about the power of ‘should.’ I recently learned first hand the power of ‘should.’ I can tell you from firsthand experience, that it is something else. The amount of energy involved was enormous.  If you watch the video, you will discover a few tips that can help you in your business. 




The article I mentioned referencing Hannah Braimer is here – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/hannah-braime/stop-saying-the-word-should_b_4790797.html   This article is good and worth the quick read. She’s dead on point about this, and the information can really help you!!!

If you are looking for help with your network marketing business, then click the link here and start teaching yourself how to win – www.simple10kformula.com.

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The Power Of Gratitude | The Law Of Attraction | The Force of Gratitude

I am just going to put this out there! If you can read this blog, if you can see this blog, if you access this blog online either via your smart phone/tablet/laptop/desktop, then no matter what you are going through you have something to lift your head, hands, and hearts up and say “Thank you!” 

I just spent an amazing weekend in Nashville at my very first internet marketing/personal development weekend.  I’ve never been to an industry based conference before. I was so blessed by the people, the content, the experience that I didn’t want to leave them.  There’s something magical that happens when you attend whatever business, industry, company, etc conference. I met people like [fb_embed_post href=”https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153484208601606&set=a.10153479485746606.1073741829.635306605&type=3&theater/” width=”350″/].

I met several million dollar home based business owners, 6 figures earners, and the creator of the organization[fb_embed_post href=”https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153481877176606&set=a.10153479485746606.1073741829.635306605&type=3&theater/” width=”350″/]

This event was so moving for me, that I called my mom and told her “Thank you for all that you and dad has done for me.”

There’s one thing that I know for sure. You and I must always give thanks for the victories, for the wins, the ups, and the lessons we learn when we come down. There’s power in gratitude. It raises my vibration when I think of the goodness and what my God has done for me. There’s power there that allows me to see a new way around an obstacle. There’s power in gratitude that moves mountains, the causes clients to move forward and do business with you. The power of gratitude will propel you towards your goals and victories faster than any actions you take with a negative and crappy attitude.

While I was in Nashville last week. I had to take time out and say “thank you!” I had to recognize the forces at work in my life, that are helping me to reach new heights in my sales career, in my group fitness teaching, in my fundraising for AIDS LIFECYCLE...the list goes on. I just had a person donate a huge some of money to the 545 mile bike ride… that I was so not expecting at all. How is all that possible because I look for things to say “Thank you!”

I’m going to put the video link here in this blog post. Watch it. Then go and find 3 things you are grateful for. Post them in the comments below. It doesn’t matter if you had 5 bucks to buy food, be grateful. If you barely had enough money to pay rent, celebrate! If you have the ability to read, then give thanks with a grateful heart. If you called and talked to your mom, then say “Thank you!” You and I have so much good and wonderful things that happen to us everyday that we take for granted. This time – I challenge you to take a few minutes – share it here and on social media – what you are grateful for. Do it often…and watch your life change and just get sweeter!

Here’s the video I made!

Continue to be blessed!!!


How To Attract And Master Your Reality With Money

The law of attraction, like all other laws, has guidelines that you and I must follow for maximum success.  While affirmations work for many things they don’t often work very well for manifesting money alone. Have you noticed you repeat your affirmations about money with passion, while working out, while doing something…and you still have the same $5.00 bucks in your checking account? I was doing my affirmations about money..and getting the same results. It wasn’t until I asked myself, “what’s up?” that I noticed my beliefs about money was a road block.  That was 2009/2010. Once I discovered it was my beliefs about money, and worked to change my beliefs about money, I went from bankruptcy to making six figures in my sales career.   See, our beliefs drive everything around us! The car we drive, the clothes we wear, the foods we eat, and the money we make. Let’s be frank. Most people on this planet have a negative belief about money. We’ve seen families split over money. We’ve seen our parents work their butts off and have no money. We’ve seen people steal and kill over money. So we’ve created this negative image of money; yet we all need and got to have it. Here are some of the fastest ways that I know to attract and master your reality with money.

 Switch Your Perspective and Your World Will Changephoto-1442473483905-95eb436675f1

The fastest way to switch your perspective on anything is by learning, doing, and teaching. You will never make 6 figures with a 4 figure mentality. You can’t be a 200 average bowler with 150 average bowler skills. You can’t be a 10 million dollar business owner with a 50k year job mentality. Switch your perspective! Change your thoughts about money! Just Google Lottery winners and you will see first hand how “money” did not change their perspectives at all. Money is energy and it must be attracted, and earned. This is why affirmations don’t consistently work when it comes to money alone. We have to create a mindset about wealth, how to create it, how to keep it, and how to help others create it. This why I love Empower Network and using their systems. Not only am I learning how to blog, internet market, personal development, I’m also learning how help others to win at their game!!!!  This company gets it…it’s not enough to have money…you’ve got to have the mindset to go with that money and help others to do the same. It’s a tiny shift in perspective but a powerful one.

 Experience is More Important Than Money

Most everyone is trying to use the law of attraction to manifest more money but most people are going about it the wrong way.  They are chasing money as opposed to having money come to them.  If you focus on the experience, versus the “foolishness” you can quickly start to attract wealth to yourself. In April myself and 1000+ are going to Nashville, TN for an Empower Network conference. It’s my first one and I am really excited. Knowing what I know about the law of attraction and mindset from reading, studying, overcoming set backs, etc. I wanted to create an exciting experience for myself. See being at that event is going to give me access to people who are crushing this thing called internet marketing. I am going to learn things about marketing, blogging, personal development things about mind set, how to drive value to folks whom’ I don’t know, and how to be a better at whatever is important to me that I will never learn in a book/webinar/conference call etc…  Not to mention, I am going to be around like minded people who are looking to make the most of their world, while they still have time on this planet. I am significantly reducing my learning curve by creating this experience. Even if I don’t make any money at all, it will never diminish the growth and development I’ve gained. That increases my value and skill sets in other parts of my world, which make me more money in the end! It’s that whole concept of teaching a person how to fish, so that they can feed themselves for a life time!XMOZEWMN8O

Your income is directly linked to the value you give others. So, the more experiences you have the more expanded you become. So invest in your personal and wealth development!!!   Money flows to the one who is in an expanded state.  Money never stays with the people who are just “stuck.”  The more experiences you have the richer you feel and the richer you act, and the richer you become.  You value life and the uniqueness of experiences much more than you value things. The next time you go out, just notice how you act and get ready before you go to the club, go to a party, go hang out with your friends, etc. You get your favorite tunes on, drink some drinks…etc. You get ‘hyped’ or ‘pumped up’ so that you are in right frame of mind “vibration.”  You will let nothing get in the way of you having a good time! You do the best you can with what you got, and damn the rest. The law of attraction honors that state of being and rewards you for it. You get some hottie’s digits, someone buys you a drink, you dance the night away, and make it home safely. (You are already doing this stuff.) As you increase your life experiences, (reading, learning, doing wealth creation things)  you will begin to increase your vibration. That’s why I’m going all out to for the event. I want be in a higher vibration. I want to attract wealth on a bigger scale. I want to help others to win at their game. I want my clients and those around me to be at their best, and I can only do that by increasing my experiences and growing as a person.

 Higher Vibration Makes You a Powerful Money Magnetconverse-fields

As you expand in vibration you increase your ability to draw things to you easily.  Higher vibration means more power.  There are many advanced manifesting techniques that can dramatically shift your law of attraction practices to the next level.  They are phenomenal when used with a clear intention.  Shifting your vibration can be quite hard for the average person.  When you are bombarded by the daily frustrations of the day, you may doubt that the law of attraction is even working in your favor. Advance cosmic law of attraction techniques balance you out.  They remove mental physical and emotional blocks that are unseen to your present self.  They intensify your desires and draw them much easier to you.  You will become an easy magnet for money without the struggle.  What you want wants you.  While others wait weeks and months for what they want the cosmic forces help you in manifesting faster.  It’s purely magical!

For example – you are already rich in so many ways. You can do stuff that other folks can’t. You can make the best ribs. You can throw awesome parties. You raised 3 kids alone. You got $500 in your savings account. Focus on the abundance you already have!!!!  I focus on what I have!!!  The fact you are reading this blog post right now puts you in a level of wealth that is not commonly shared. You have access to a computer and internet. In 2013 according to the Census Bureau, about 15% – 20% of Americans did not have a computer or internet access.  30% or more didn’t have a smart phone with internet access.  In fact, there are millions more around the world with a computer/internet. You have something abundance in their eyes. Also, the fact you can read this blog means you have some form of an education. Did you know that an education is still a luxury for millions? There are over 800 million people world wide that can’t read or write, according to Buildon.org.  Yet, you and I can. You have more abundance around you then you realize, when compared to the rest of world. You are already rich. Celebrate the success you already have!!!!  So latterly go around your house and start to give thanks for what you already have!  Even if your car is on it’s last leg, so sit in it and just give thanks for it. Need new clothes, give thanks for the ones you have! Need a new place to stay – give thanks for the one you have. Want a new job, give thanks for the one you have!!!  If you focus on the good you already got, then you must get more of that good. If you focus on the crap you have, then you get more crap.


[fancy_box id=1]“To believe in something, and not to live it, is dishonest.” ― Mahatma Gandhi[/fancy_box]

Finally, we must always take actions!!!! Action, action, action, action!!!! I can’t say this enough. You can read because you learned and practiced. You can walk, because you learned and practiced. Everything you do/did/have/bought/got was only achieved by action. No one plays football on the field sitting at home doing nothing. You can’t even have sex without “action.”  No thinking/law of attraction etc will ever change the power of action. I will admit it’s a challenge. You just want to come home and not do a damn thing.  You get discouraged, feel defeated, and the battle you can’t seem to win. But, I’ve got news for you – what you want wants you more. The success you want, wants you. The car you want, wants you. The husband, that God made for you wants you…(not that trick you met online.)  That credit card debt you want to eliminate, wants you to pay it off. Everything wants you to be the best and live your best life. The better you live, the better others can live. We can only live our best lives when we take the first step!

Take care!

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8 Ways To Use The Law Of Attraction To Manifest Faster Results

The whole idea of the law of attraction is to be a co creator with your definition of God/Universe/Good Force  in manifesting and creating your heart’s desire. That’s right co-create, after all you are doing the work.  When you use the law of attraction in the right way,  you can experience manifesting your desires faster than you would have otherwise.  Follow these steps listed below to help you achieve your objects and produce your results.

1. Be Grateful Now

I cannot stress this enough.  Be grateful and have a heart of gratitude. Gratitude will dramatically change your life. The law of attraction gives you more of what you are feeling grateful and happy for, or what you are negative and sad about. Your mind will sift through all the data thrown at you to find evidence to support  what ever you are focus on? When you are feeling grateful, the law of attraction will give your more support to your gratefulness. The first rule to manifesting faster results is to see all the things in your present life that you are grateful for no matter how simple it is.

2. Speak of It

If the creator of the Universe spoke the Universe into existence, then you and I must do the same.  We experience this everyday of our lives, and most of us are not aware of it. Think back to the last job interview, you either said “I got this.” or “I don’t got.” A better example is Christmas time with the kids. They tell us what they want. They then go get pictures of to make sure we know what it looks like. They even print them out or draw them and keep it the front of their minds. That’s all they can talk about till December 25.  They are so eager about it, and then they tell their friends what they are going to do once they get their toys. It never occurs to the kids they will not get the stuff they want for Christmas. We adults must go back to that state of being. Speak it, find photos of what you want, be eager about getting what you want.


3. Surround Yourself With The Things You Desire Ask For It!

You maybe asking, how can I surround myself with the things that I want if I don’t have it? It may not be yours at the moment but you can borrow, you can visit, above all you can place yourself in the environment and among the people who are closely link to the things you desire. The successful application of the law of attraction depends on you already being in that energy of what you want. It is up to you to create the state that you want to attract and you do so by being among the things that you want until it is fully yours. If you want a new BMW then go test drive one. If you want a new 500k then go look at them. If you want 1 million dollar client, then go talk to one. The law of attraction will give you quite easily what you bring into your focus, whether you are speaking of it or observing it. You get more of what you surround yourself with.

 4. Let Go!!!

Let go of what you want. Yes, let it go. Know that you desire to experience a particular thing but don’t hold on out of fear of doubt. The more you cling on to the needing or wanting feeling the more disastrous your manifesting will be. You will only succeed in feeling more needy. Allow yourself to feel full and confident. Those who understand how the universe and the laws of attraction work easily understand the power of their intention and don’t feel stress or needy. They create and know that the law of attraction is working for them and what they create will soon manifest. They create then let go and move into the state of receiving.

There is a great paradox that comes with letting go because a very large part of manifesting requires that you give a lot of focus to your desire but there is a delicate balancing act of focus without feeling needy or being clingy.


5. Learn to Receive

To activate the law of attraction you must move into the state of receiving. This is something most people cannot do. Many people say that they want certain things but few people know how to receive those things that they are asking for. Most people feel doubtful or unworthy about what they want. Deep within they feel that they do not deserve nor will they get what they are asking for. Those tiny feeling of unworthiness are giant blocks in the manifesting process and can only serve in destroying what you are hoping to attract. The law of attraction is a science that takes you deep into your inner nature and allows you to see where you are feeling disconnected as a co-creator with God and the Universe. Become worthy and allow yourself to receive.

6. Become Worthy Now

Become worthy by recognizing that you can manifest anything that you want because you are a creator.  What you want is just is only a tiny speck in the universe. You deserve to manifest what you want and to live a full and abundant life.  The more you create, the greater opportunity you have to influence those around you in positive ways. When you use the law of attraction to manifest a better life you are in the flow and in a better state of adding value to the world. The faster you can feel worthy of what you desire to manifest the faster it will come. One of the biggest blocks in manifesting is the feeling of unworthiness that most people feel. You can have it all. The Universe/God/Source wants you to have it all, the universe is great enough and there is more than enough for you and everyone else. You are worthy!

 7. Give What You Desire Most

You may not have all the money in the world for yourself, and yet you do have something of value that is scarce to someone else. For example you have $100 bucks in savings, while another person does not. You’ve got a roof over your head, instead of being homeless and on the street. Learn to give to others and you will be stunned and amazed by how fast the law of attraction will manifest abundance in your life.  There is a natural flow in the universe and in order to manifest more you must also be in the flow of giving. Give to others as long as you do not give more of yourself.  I am not advocating give away the whole $100. There are many flawed concepts of giving more than you have, this is very faulty. Give only what you can, never ever deplete yourself. Give what makes you feel happy to give. Give with love on a regular basis, while being aware of conserving your own and the law of attraction will bless you by bringing to you much more than you give. As you give you will get and you will manifest much more than you could ever have imagined and much faster too.

photo-1417636267429-627f579ba6bb8. Take Action

Listen you can be grateful all day long..and if you don’t take action to get that new career, start that business, write that book, or find that person who just makes your toes curly…then you will be up a creek without a paddle.  Action! Action! Action!!! You will get inspired to take action. Your job is to tell the Universe what you want. They Universe will put things in place and work in the background. You have to do the work in the “foreground.” So if you want to start a business, then you might get inspired to call your Uncle whom you haven’t spoken to in 10 years. Give him a call and go with it. He just might know someone who can help you get up and going, or front you the money you need. So take action!!!

There you have it. Eight simple steps to help you use the law of attraction to get results faster in whatever you are working on, whatever business, etc. Be Grateful! Talk about your goals/dreams, find pictures, and what will do once you reach it. This makes it so real. Let go and just focus on the actions you must take, let others help you, give of yourself and time to help others, and most importantly you are so worth it! I don’t care if you 500 lbs or 100 lbs, you are worth it! It doesn’t matter about your past etc…the fact of the matter is this. You must live your best life, while helping those whom you can. It’s a give and take system. And that’s the way it is.

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How To Give Life To Your Goals In 3 Steps

I’ve been struggling writing the introduction to this blog for a while. Simply because I want it to hit home and add a lot of value to every reader. It’s my goal to ensure that every time you or someone reads my blog post, they get a something that can help them get to their next level. I don’t care if the reader is in direct sales, network marketing, multi-level marketing, internet marketing, consulting, or a bowling coach. My written goal is that everyone gets value from my blog posts – and make a difference for them.  So when I think about that goal, I find myself wondering…”How many people reading this struggle to keep their goals alive and strong?”  See one of things I have learned from personal/professional development is not just goal setting and having them. Your goals have to life!

  1. Write Them Down With Real Pen/Pencil and Paper

    That’s right. It’s really that simple. If you write down your goals on real paper with a real pencil you give your goals life. “They’re alive!” There’s power in writing your goals down. In the 1970’s there was some Harvard students studied to determine how they achieved their success compared to the other 97% students. Turns out those 3% had actually written down their goals and created a plan to achieve those goals, while the other 97% did not.  Of that 97%, 13% had goals however they did not have the goals on paper. This was published by Mark H. McCormack in book  “What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School: Notes from a Street-Smart Executive.”

    Yes that was in the 70’s, but let’s look at where you work in 2016. Your full/part time job has written performance goals for you. If you are in a call center employee, your company set a goal for you to make/receive a certain number of calls per hour, with a certain number of cross sales, up sells, etc. If you work in retail you have a sales per hour. If you work for a bank you have quarterly goals for new checking account balances, new loan volumes, credit cards, etc. Even if you are teller at the bank you are expected to refer a certain number of clients/cross sales to your personal bankers. Everything at your job has a measured result/goal. What happens if you don’t hit or exceed the goals? Exactly you’ve promoted yourself to the position of “customer.” In all cases your full/part time job ask you to sign and agree to the goals, to prove you were made aware of them. So if your job gives you “work goals” and will hold you accountable for them, because they are written down and you signed your name stating your know them, received them… don’t you think you should do the same for yourself in your business endeavor? 

    I can tell you from personal experience, there’s magic/powers/etc in writing stuff on actual paper. My personal experience has proven to me that writing down my goals is probably one of the most effective tools in the success tool box! I’ve had my share of suffering and set backs. Yet, when I get out that $1.00 composite note book and pen, and start to write out what I want and why – things change, you take new actions, you start to see things in a different color of life. If you have goals and you don’t have them on paper, I challenge you to go write them down.


  2. Write The Who, What, When, Where, and Why Your Of Your Goals

    If you are still reading that means you are getting value, which is awesome. Please share this with your friends it may help them on their journey.

    So when you write your goals write them in away that’s alive. Write them as measurable events. It’s not enough to say I want to make $100,000. You’ve got to be specific and detailed as possible. Your job’s goals are specific as possible, shouldn’t yours be as well? So let me give you an example: I (Who) will make $100,000 (what) by Dec 31, 2016, (when) from selling HerbalLife (put your products/services) products and services on the internet (where) to help people lose weight. (Why) It looks more like this: [fancy_box id=1]”I will make $100,000.00 by 12/31/2016 from selling HerbalLife Products and Services via the internet. I will help people to be in the best possible shape of their lives.”[/fancy_box]

    Another way to write them is and this is how I write mines: “I (who) am so happy and grateful now (when) that, I make $100,000 (what) from internet (where) sales of my EmpowerNetwork Products and Services, to help people achieve their definition of financial freedom. (why)”   [fancy_box id=1]”I am so happy grateful, now that I make $100,000 from internet sales of my Empower Network products and services to help people to achieve their definition of financial freedom.”[/fancy_box]

    I learned it from Bob Proctor’s book, “You Were Born Rich.”   It’s a great book and you must read it. This way resonates with me because of the “now” factor. This then tells your subconscious mind to search for ways to make this happen. It also acts as an affirmation as well, which helps you to change your beliefs around your ability to achieve that goal. This also gives gratitude for what you’ve accomplished in the future as well – making it an ultra goal. By combing all the “forces” you just give your goals life on major juice…and we all focus on the juice to keep it flowing.

  3. Put Your Goals Where You Can See Them Regularly

    Just as the subtitle said. Once you’ve figure out what you want, you’ve written them down, then put them some where you will see them. On your bedroom ceiling. On the door to your bedroom, or kitchen, or refrigerator, or kitchen cabinets. You can cut out picture of what your completed/accomplished goal looks like and post those on your walls/mirrors/car/phone background etc. You can create a vision board. John Assaraf, author, entrepreneur, co-stared on the hit show the The Secret” is huge on these. In the movie The Secret, he shared that he was sitting in the house he had on his board several years ago. Check it out!!!

    Once you have written down your goals, you can then use the calendar function on your smart phone to remind you to review your goals. You can put them on 3×5 cards and put them in your car. You can take a photo and save it as a background on your phone. This I know for sure, you’ve got to keep them in front of you as much as possible. Let’s be real. We’ve got a lot of stuff coming towards us and it’s very demanding of our attention. As you review them, you will start to believe in them and make them happen. I’ve accomplished a lot of my goals and right now – you reading this is one them.  If have other ideas on how to keep your goals in front of you, please share down below!

    So there are my 3 steps to give your goals life and keep them strong.

    1. Write them down on pen and paper.

    2. Write them in a manner that address the “who, what, when, where, and why.”

    3. Review them regularly – either post them on the door, counter, freezer, mirror, on the ceiling, on your car’s dashboard, on your phone.

    Do you have some that I missed? Please share them below.

    Did you get value from this post? I LIVE for your feedback. Please drop me a line down in the comment section.

    Take care!








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How Success Is Linked To Actions – 3 Quotes To Inspire You To Actions

We all have a dream of making it big, telling our love ones that they don’t have to worry about money, or telling the folks at the plant you ain’t coming back. We all dream of that day. Some of us take actions/steps to reach that goal, while some of us sit around and say some day. So for those of us who take those steps/actions, we open up a business or we join a network marketing opportunity. We get off to a great start, then we lose steam. This thing called life starts to eat at us. The wife starts demanding more time. The kids need new shoes, and of course the husband is acting a damn fool. Yet, that dream of success is calls and beckons you come forth. So at this point you just need something to help you get over that “hump.” You want to be reminded that success is a lot hard of work. It will keep you up at night, and you will need the physical strength of 10 bears to make this happen. So here are some quotes that I found to give your body/mind some needed recharge. Keep these posted somewhere, to remind yourself – success is just an action step ahead.

“Success Is Created By Learning and Doing Success.” Earl L. Jones
I really came to this conclusion while learning how to scuba dive a few weekends ago in Monterrey, CA. The only way to achieve anything, or any level of success in anything – at the job, at home, driving a car, etc. You must learn how to do it and then do what you’ve learned. Just think for second. Did you come out of your mom’s womb knowing how to drive a car? Did you know how to read? Did you know how to talk and form something of a complete sentence? You did not. Let’s take it one step further, how much training did you complete on your job/business/etc? So if you want to change your definition of success, achieve a new level of success, or just be a higher degree of success, then you must learn and do what you’ve learned to achieve the success you want. Go learn how to be the success you want, do what you are told, and watch what happens.

12552271_1014212235287001_369747923_n“You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.” Richard Branson

Read this quote again. Do you notice a pattern here? Parents, did you read to your kids from the “rule book” on parenting about walking? No, you did not. You taught your little one how to walk…and you let them fall. At some point they got it down, but not without trying and falling. Exactly, that’s how we are with success. We must learn the success steps, fall down, then get up again. Walking requires action…success requires action. Hell even as adults we trip while walking, but that doesn’t stop us from getting up, laughing about it, and posting it on social media.

“Often the difference between a successful person and a failure is not one has better abilities or ideas, but the courage that one has to bet on one’s ideas, to take a calculated risk – and TO ACT.”  Andre Malraux 

We all have goals and dreams. Your goal could be to learn internet marketing, start a business, grow your business, or just to get through the day. The only way any of that is going to happen is with action. My experience has been that I get to caught up in the  “I don’t know what to do.” Or I got caught up in the “I’m scared they will laugh at me.” It happens to all of us. And we must just realize something. If we can get in our cars, on our motorcycles, on our bikes, jog in a not so well lighted park, or work at our jobs, then going for goals is just as easy if not easier. The biggest thing that stops us, is that we are so familiar with our “normal.”  That’s where learning, actions, learning, actions, etc comes in. That creates our new normal, and now the achievement of a particular goal is achieved.

Success is learned actions repeated over and over. Walking is learned repeated over and over. Talking is learned. Reading is learned. Even driving your car to and from work is learned. If you want to succeed in any business, sales position, career, publishing, even just how to work out better, you’ve got to learn and then take the actions required. That’s the only way you are going to know if you what you learned works our not. So whatever dream you have, there’s a course on how to do it and win. Go get take that course, learn it, and then do it.

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2 Mind Blowing Videos – To Get Back In Control

The hardest part of any step towards something new, is dealing with all that crap and drama that comes up within yourself. Our biggest enemies are not the people who are different from us, etc. Our biggest enemies are ourselves, because we have some stinking thinking. We expect everyone to fit in the “box” or situations, goals, career, etc. We allow for very little flexibility. When something pushes against our paradigm, we fight back like some a bull in a cheap glass store. Maybe these videos can give you some insight as to how to make a paradigm change that could help you reach your goals a little faster.
  1. Change Your Habits, Change Your Life – Bob Proctor

    The results we get are a direct reflection of our beliefs. Our beliefs determine our actions, which determines are results. Have ever noticed your cousin who has 5 college degrees, and can’t keep a job? Did you notice the people at work, who have been there for umpteen years in the same position, while others are moving right past them? What about the kids on the football team who get the scholarships, while the rest just go “okay?”  Do ever wonder why some people always win, while those who should win…just can’t seem to get a break. Do you ever ask yourself about your own paradigms, and why you believe them?It’s all about paradigms, what we believe deep down. It always shows it’s head based on our actions, words, etc. Not even me…Mr. Group Fitness. I have to work on it…and I have resources like Bob Proctor to help me.
  2. Shift Your Paradigm – Bob Proctor

    Bob Proctor is one of the best coaches out there on personal and professional development. Listen, we’ve all had our share of ups and downs. The questions I’ve been asking myself since I discovered this are. How do I have more ups then downs?  How do I powerfully  and effectively deal with then downs? You can’t ask questions like that of yourself, till you understand the power you posses to shift your paradigms about yourself and you surroundings. A fish can’t breath out of water. A tree can’t grow without roots. You and I can’t have our ideal livers without changing our habits, beliefs, (paradigms) to match that ideal life. When we do, we will start to take actions consistent with that belief…the results speaks for them. You are either moving towards your goals or away from them. With each blog I write, I am moving towards my goal. With each blog I don’t right, I move away from my goals. With each sale, appointment, cold call, we sales reps move towards are goals, with each one we don’t have we move away from it.
A lot of you want to be successful in your business. Whether it’s Herbal Life, multi-level marketing, internet marketing, or whatever you want to be successful. Yet something holds you back, keeps you on the fence, and you waver on your decisions. It’s time for you take your control of your life, destiny, and get to where you want to go. The minutes, hours, days, months, and years will move on regardless of what you do or don’t do. It’s really all up to you, and you are the only one who can make that shift in your beliefs/habits and take the actions towards your goals. If you want some support, shoot me an email. I will send you what I have…and you can go from there. It’s a step in the right direction. Plus there’s always room at the top for you. Let’s get to work.
Take Care

Little Known Secrets that Will Change the Way You Think About Winning

What would you do if you knew the secrets to winning all the time? What would change you about yourself? How would you use these tools to make your life better? More than likely you are probably thinking…”I don’t know. I’ve always been told winning is for someone else.” Or maybe you are thinking, Earl is this another one of your ‘feel good’ moments. Life is hard and you get knocked downed repeatedly’  Never the less, set aside all of your preconceived notions about winning and ask yourself what would you do if you knew the secrets to winning all the time? Take out a pen, piece of paper (ok for you techies use your memo/note app.)  How would your life change? What’s possible for you? What new goals would you take on? What type of body would you have? How hard would you work if you knew the little known secrets that will change the way you think about winning? Describe your confidence levels? Describe how you act if you were in a business meeting for $1 million dollar deal?  Keep going…take about another 5-10 minutes and then come back to this blog. (I want you to post of your ideas/thoughts in the comment section below.)

You are back! Welcome. How was the exercise? Did you notice anything different about you? Notice any new thoughts or ideas?  Probably a lot o things happened when you did that exercise. First you probably thought…”hell na’ll.” Then you thought, “well, just maybe.” Then it went to…”hmm…this could work.” Probably even started to see something…and if you did “x” then “y.” And you finally got a little bit of a light on the inside…and for just a few minutes you saw something that is possible.  Reality steps in and the light/hope/etc starts to dim…and those feelings of being a loser/not a winner chicken dinner start to show up.

There is away to beat that and change the way you think about winning.

6e67b2836a7fc5ef6505acaa2b2fca311. Create small success on a daily basis. If you turned your reports in on time, that’s a win. If you kept the lights on this month, that’s a win. If you changed the locks on the door and broke up with that no good such an such, yes that’s a win.  Everyday when you do something that moves you towards your goal(s), that’s a win!!!  You keep taking those steps, you will always win at your game!

credit to www.slideshare.net

2. Surround yourself with people who will support and encourage you to win. If you want to loose weight, get around people who will make you drop and give them 20 push ups. Listen whatever your definition of success is, ask yourself who do you know that is working towards that shared vision/goal/or something similar. Find them and get around them.  Yes, that means some of friends will ask to get off of your train. Let them. Not everyone can stay on your success train for ever. Even if you pull them along with you, they won’t stay at your level because they didn’t do the work nor developed the mindset that comes along with that level of success. Go be with the pack you want to run with…and make it happen. Sometimes on the road to winning, you might be alone.


3. Journal and write out your goals!!!!! Notice how you felt when you did the exercise at the beginning of this blog. Do that as many times possible daily. Especially when you feel like victory is a cheap date to a closed burger joint. Now read this slowly and carefully.  Nothing on this planet that you and I use, did not come into existence without a written plan/sketch/drawing/display/model…even the commercials you watch and hear were first written out/drawn on a board.  You’ve learned to write for a reason…use it!   Yes, even the job you currently hold  at the place you don’t like, has a job description, expectations, goals, etc. It’s all in writing…now how are your goals any different. Even the gas you put in your car, has a formula written down somewhere in some scientists’ desk.

4. The final small tip that will change your view about winning is really simple. You must invest in your own personal and professional development. If you aren’t willing to learn from those who came before you, those are doing what you want to do…then you are destined to stay right where you are in a different color jump suit. This goes back to surround yourself with winner. The fastest way to change the shape of your thoughts is to pick up a book on personal development and read it. Attend seminars and training in your chosen venture. The human mind is the biggest battle field in the universe. We can create and destroy  our own castles with a single thought. If you think you can’t you won’t. If you think you can, then you will try. If you think can, then try and learn/grow/develop the odds of winning big time are higher in your favor. No horse has ever won the Kentucky Derby without training and development. No heavy weight fighter has ever won without training and development. No one who has achieved any level of success that is measurable by any society without training and development. Even Mother Teresa had mentors/coaches/training and development. Look at her success…and the impact she made on this planet. I took a course to learn how to do this. And paid good money for it…and the lessons I’m learning about blogging/internet marketing/mlm marketing, etc when put to use will forever improve the value of my life and those around me.

In the end the secret to winning is really simple and easy….take these 4 tips use them. Go create a life and live the life you want. Yeah it’s work…and it will take some time. The time will pass no matter what you do…and the work will be there no matter when you start. It’s best to get started now, so that you can enjoy you the fruits of your labor sooner…and you will have abundance to share with those you love and support you!


2 Videos That Will Inspire You To Make a Change

How do you make an impact on the people around you? What does your impact on those around you produce? Does your impact produce negative or positive results? Watch this video and be inspired.
  1. Make An Impact – Inspirational Video

    Step back and ask yourself. When your friends told you about their new venture, did you encourage them to go for it…or did you try to talk them out of it? When your mom’s said she was going for a new job, did you explore what it meant to her… or did you tune her out and call her crazy by your silence and words? We all make a huge impact on the people around us. At work, at the gym, on the road, at the grocery store. It’s in our nature… and we must recognize the level and type of impact we make on people. When we are about to cross over to the other side, do we want to remember all the money we made… or the fancy cars… or do we want to remember the people who’s lives we’ve touched and inspired to their greatness. You and I get to be someone who can make this world a little better, simply because we recognize our ability to positively impact the lives of those around us. Or we can be negative ‘Debbie Downers’ and have a negative impact…one that destroys and binds people to a life of misery. The choice is ours. Chose wisely…the impact you want to have on those around you.
  2. Be The Change – Inspirational Video

    This is another one that moves me. It’s a constant reminder that I don’t have to know everything to make a difference for someone on this planet. I can the best I can…right where I am…to make a positive impact on the lives of those around me. sometimes, the best thing to do is simply acknowledge a person for being alive. Smile at people when you say hello. Offer to buy a homeless person a meal. We don’t need to be millionaires to make a difference. We just need to be alive…and be the change. Yeah it’s nice if you got millions, but what if you don’t? Do you really want to wait till you have it all, just to help a person at food pantry? To become the force of change you want to see in the world, it must start with you. You see the need. You are in the thick of it everyday. Not your boss, our local elected officials. Only you. You can make a difference right where you are… and who knows where that action will take you and the size of the impact it will have on the live(s) of those you’ve touched. What we know for sure is that you became the change you wanted to see…and you took action. And that’s something to celebrate!