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5k, 10k, 545 Mile Charity Sport Events – Proves You Have What It Takes To Win

Have you ever done a 5k, 10k, bike ride, or some sort of sporting event to help raise money for a charity? Have you raised money for a charity or some sort of fundraiser? What did you do to prepare for the event? How many times did you ask folks for support i.e. donations? How much did you spend your to get ready for the event? What did you feel when you were done with the event? How did you celebrate the success/accomplishment?


In this video, we explore the connections between preparing for such an event/fundraising etc… to starting that business, internet marketing, network marketing, etc. I invite you to consider, they are proof that you have what it takes to win…and to win big. Watch the video to see more.

Also, as mentioned in the video, if you want to donate to the #545 mile bike ride I am doing soon the link is right here –> http://tinyurl.com/gwygth8

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