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How To Stay Engaged – 3 Tips To Keep You In Your Game

Do you just feel like throwing in the towel at times? Have you ever thought to yourself, “Why am I hanging around these negative nellies?” Do you ever wonder why it’s so important to keep your mindset on positive and lovely things? Then let’s watch this video and have a conversation about it.

My middle nephew came to visit me and to help him with his career plans. During his visit, I got really present to a few things, that I just had to share. One of the biggest things that jumped right out at me was “negative self-talk.” It’s so darn destructive and yet mostly all of us are unaware that we do it in the first place. We do it everytime we dismiss our little wins. We do it when we make excuses for us not doing x,y, or z. We do it to make our friends look and feel better. I can do a whole video series on this. Yet, I only want to focus on 3 quick things you and I can do to keep ourselves engaged and on our game court.

Now on to the video!



I will confess, I was so worried about putting this video out there and sharing. It wasn’t perfect and blah blah blah. I just finished reading Grant Cardone’s book – Be Obsessed or Be Average.   Now, I am taking action; and that action is doing this. I am going to stick with internet marketing, self-branding till I get it right.  When we stay engaged and on the court, we can get things done and create wins for ourselves. You can win – just stay in the game and on the court.

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Why Changing Your Mindset Is Critical To Your Success

What would you do if you had the magic key to unlock the skills and talent you need to reach your wildest dreams? What would you do, if you could finally make that 60k 100k, 1 million per year? How would your life change if you could just get that little bit of steam?


In this video, we talk about the incredible power of mindset, and the why it’s so important. Our mindset is the key to either unlocking our dreams or keeping the tucked and buried deep within us.  I know from personal experience that it was the shift in my mindset that led me to the level of success I’ve achieved in sales. It’s now a new level of mindset I’ve developed and continue to work on, that’s leading me to a new level of performance across many areas of my life.

Mindset is the glue that holds all of the skills, talent, drive, actions taken etc…together. It’s so critical to your success and my success, that we must work on it daily in order to achieve the levels of results we want. Whatever life you want, you can achieve it with the right skills, actions, and mindset.

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Why You Must Invest In Your Personal Development


In a previous post, I talked about 4 things you probably wanted to know before your bought your work from home internet program.
1. How much personal development you will have invest in addition to the program.
2. You probably wanted to know that you won’t make much money from the start.
3. You probably will have to buy additional training, products, services to help you get traffic to your website/blog, convert that traffic to leads, and then into a sale.
4. You probably wanted to know that you need staying power.

Here’s the link to that video – click here.

In this video, I will talk about personal development and the critical role it will play in your business success. Let’s be blunt, your mindset will always determine your level of success. What you have is a direct reflection of your beliefs, mindset, etc. It doesn’t matter which upline you belong to, whose program you bought, or how many blog posts you have. Stinking thinking will always yield stinking results.

If you still need more proof, then here are 6 articles on the subject of personal development and success.

1. Success.com  –  Rohn: Why Personal Development Is Critical to Success

2. Entrepreneur.com  – The 3  Personal Development Goals Successful People Pursue Habitually

3.  Ryan Robinson  –  The 6 Personal Development Stages That Took Me from Secretary to Self-Employed

4. Forbes.com  – What Every Leader Must Know About Personal Development

5. Huffington Post – The Link Between Personal Development and Professional Success

6.  Life Optimizer  – Why Personal Development Is Even More Important

Let’s start to win by changing our mindset about wealth, success, money, abundance, our abilities to get things done, etc. We can do that faster by studying ourselves, taking action, and making course corrections.



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These 3 Little Questions Packs A Wallop – Reinvent Yourself And Stay Relevant

Time is the fire in which we burn. (A Trekkie will know that quote.) Time will pass regardless of what we do or don’t do. The Earth will continue to rotate on its axis whether you and I start that business, write a blog post, read book, or make up with that family member who took the last piece of lemon pie. So if we know that time will continue to move with or without us, then how do we stay relevant in these ever Earth rotating times. How do we stay relevant, while continully adding value to ourselves and those around us? Let’s start with 3 simple questions that I learned from one of my favorites Bob Proctor.  

1. photo-1416339672936-7fe434088e8cWhat Are You Doing?  That’s right. What are you doing? Are you doing what you love, have to, or hate? Sit down. Take a piece of paper and write it out. What are you doing about/in your business, career, health, love life, money, and spiritual side? Are you making the kind of money you want? Are you doing the type of physical actives or gym time you want? Is your business where you want and vision it be? How are you reconnecting to that side of you that isn’t physical? What are you doing? How’s your overall health? Write the answer to these questions in detail. This question strips away the hum drum and cuts right to the chase. There is no hiding behind the excuses of your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend. This is all about you.

2. What’s Working In Your Life? Based on whatever you are doing to reach where ever you want to go or not going where you want to go – “what’s working?” How do you know what’s working? Just look at your results. This is where you don’t play to your “oh it must feel good emotions.” This is where you get so raw and real with yourself.  If are you getting the results you want, then it’s working for you. I am hoping you’ve written down your “success markers.” These “success markers” light the way to your ultimate goal. If you goal is to lose 15 pounds in 90 days, you would just break that down in to monthly goal of 5 pounds a month, or 1.25 pounds a week.  So what’s working? Okay now that we got the list ask yourself this question. How do I get at least 1% better a day?  If you focused on getting better 1% a day, that’s a 365% improvement. Now is that a reinvention of yourself that would make a difference for you?  Of course it would because you are 365% better than before. Now maybe you will have to take a new course, read or reread a couple of books, hire a coach, or take a seminar. What ever it is and you are committed to your best life, then go and make it happen.

3. What’s Not Working In Your Life?  We all have something in our lives that just isn’t working as we want. So what’s yours?  Write it down and look at it. Now ask yourself this question. “How can I make this work?”  What new actions can you take? If you want to do internet marketing  and don’t know where to start, then your new action(s) is getting in an education program to help you do that. If you are a sales rep and you want to make more sells, then you maybe for you it’s reading and studying sales techniques and success stories. If your goal is to lose 20 pound of weights, then it’s getting the right nutritional supplements and a physical fitness plan for you.  Here is where you make no more freaking excuses for not living your best life.  None!  Yes, you will have invest in yourself. Yes, you will have to make adjustments and course corrections to reach your goal. Tell me, do you ever drive your car without slightly turning the steering wheel at all? Of course you don’t. Even straight roads requires some minor adjustments to keep the car in a straight line. Our efforts towards our goals are the same!!! We are all constantly making adjustments…either sub-consciously or consciously. Sometimes we have to make a complete detour on our journey. That does mean we will have to give up some folks along the way, and let go of things that does you no good! This question will always force you to look at “What’s not working in your life?” and to make hard decisions. photo-1416339276121-ba1dfa199912

I had a meeting with a senior member of management regarding his business sales plan for the year. I asked him those 3 simple questions. We devised 2 sales campaigns to target all the major areas of his sales organization, plus tracking, plus incentives, and the desired close ratio. The plans addressed what we are doing, what’s working, and what’s not working. Please forgive me, as I can’t go into more details than that. We got the green light from senior management to run with our ideas. These 3 questions packs a wallop and will work in any situation. As time move forward and the Earth continues to spin, you and I must reinvent ourselves and stay relevant. It’s all about focusing on how to get it done

Here’s to your success!



2 Stunning Business Quotes

Faith without works is just plain old dead. That new business you paid good money to start, is not generating revenue if you are not taking actions. No sales are made without some form of a cold call, marketing, or contact with a potential customer. That SEO Marketing Program you bought can’t learn itself. The MLM you joined isn’t going to pay you back if you don’t take “action.”
  1. We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a thing. Action always generates inspiration. Inspiration seldom generates action.

    Frank Tibolt
    Read this quote out loud. Read it again. Read it one more time, word by word. Inspiration demands immediate action. It always has and will. Name a successful person who did not work on their goal? I can’t think of one either. Successful people have an idea, they get started, work towards it…and make corrections along the way. It’s no different than driving to the mall and you have to take a detour due to construction. Or go the grocery store for milk, bread, and cereal…and come out with fruit, nuts, and cheese because it was on sale. Take the actions you can take to make your inspiration become a reality.
  2. Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action.

    Walter Anderson, The Confidence Course, 1997
    Action(s) taken in the direct achievement of our goals will always yield immediate and real results. We can take the results and make course corrections and changes. Let’s take it one step further. Have you let a speeding ticket stop you from driving? Then why would you allow anxiety (speeding ticket) stop you from reaching your dreams? Did you ever fall of a skateboard? Did it stop you from skateboarding? Go skateboard/drive your car… what are you waiting for? updated blog 7 of 2 of 21
Action, action, action is always required to make any dream come true. It doesn’t matter if it cooking an awesome holiday dinner for you and the family to enjoy. It doesn’t matter if it getting the kids together to chip in and send the parents on a 2nd honeymoon for the 40th anniversary. Whatever the goal is, it takes actions! Yes sometimes, we don’t know what actions to take, and we get stuck. We get so stuck we plant our roots in that muck/mire and just stay there. Now it’s time to get unstuck. Dig up that soil, clean off those shoes, and get to stepping. I know you are grateful for what you have out life, and you want a little or lot more. It’s time to take actions and make it happen. Fortune will always favor the bold. Are you bold, then take the action(s).

A Role on the Concrete – 5 Things I’ve Learned From Falling Off My Bike

What would you do if you were on a 545 mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles California? Of course you would have a blast, make great friends, and take lots of photos. Imagine you are coasting along and in your zone. You are singing one of your favorite songs, like Adele “Rolling In the Deep.” You are at mile 62 of 109, about to make a left turn. Mind you, it’s been raining and the roads are wet. You’ve ridden in the snow and rain before, you’ve got this. As you lean to make that left turn, all of sudden the $3000 bike you own slides one way, and you continue to slide through the intersection…as you are about to hit that note…”rolling in the deep..” Your fall was so graceful you got the attention of a fire truck crew that was 1 mile away. What would you do?

It was my first AIDS LifeCycle in 2011 and here’s what I did. I stopped singing and was like… Oh *&(& did I ruin my new bike shorts and my bike. Yes, that was me. Just minding my own business, singing my little heart out. Just enjoying being one with the strawberry fields, waving at the people who makes it possible for me to enjoy them at my local grocer. It was blissful. Then I fell…and got shipped off to some ER room in some part of California, that to this day I know nothing about. (I did pay the bill owed as they were not part of my network.) This was small rural town America. This is happened in a place where my $3000 bike is a huge luxury and I had no idea where I was. The only thing I knew I was alive, I had very little cell phone battery left (since then I have several battery packs I take with me on long trips) and my mother was thousands of miles away.

Needless to say, I was not in the mood to be cute and civil. Yet, in the end that crash taught me some things about me, that to this day… I look back on that crash and go “who would have ever thought.” I still have the battle scars. Battle because it was “me against me”  in the tango Maurine.

  1. It’s not what happens, but how you respond to what happens that really matters. Yes, it sound very corny and freakish. It’s a powerful truth. I can’t control the weather. I can’t control the people driving the cars, or if the roads are smooth, or if Patti LaBelle releases a new album. What I can control is how I respond and process the situation. We can either choose to find the light and make a bee line for it, or stay in the shadows. It wasn’t easy, but this Caroline went towards the light. I’m so glad I did…as everyone was trying their hardest to take care of me. The faster I got to the light the easier it was for people to come in and what they do best – love them some Earl. Keep it cool…and watch how you respond to things.
  2. The power of community is huge and so powerful. It would take a nuclear bomb to stop the power of a combined community. Something magical happens when people come together for a common goal. When people found out what happened they wanted to do something, they wanted to make sure I was okay. People offered what they could from a hug, to helping with my tent, to carrying my bags, etc…just to give my body some time to heal.  Life is so much easier to deal with when you have the power of a community behind you. No one is a success all by themselves. Try ordering a combo number 4 at McDonald and the place is closed. We can only do so much by ourselves!!!11053418_935484953163511_489456602701135385_n
  3. Once you are apart of a community, you’ve got to let people do their part.  Man, I am telling you it was hard for me to let people help me. Yes, everyone was loving and so forth…but I was like. “I am grown. I got this.” I was only fooling myself and blocking my blessings.  One the nurses just wasn’t having it. She saw right through me. That pretty lady looked me in the face, and said…”stop being a bitch and let people be there for you.” We laughed..and she was right. It was a hard pill to swallow…as I was so independent. I’m still independent, now I just have “Team Earl. I’ve gotten more things accomplished simply by allowing people the be there for me. Let people love you and be there for you. For some stupid reason we bite the hand that is trying to feed us. Stop it!!! Get feed and go take a nap.
  4. Find the good, it is always there!! Since I couldn’t ride the on day 3, I was on the bus headed to the next camp site. While on that bus, I met a mom and her daughter…they were amazing people with big lives. They flew from Germany to make sure we cyclist had what we needed. I was just moved and touched by their love and generosity. I even met a young man who started The Stigma Project. His story was amazing. Checkout their Facebook page and learn more about them. Chris’ story really helped me to see their is always good in everything. Yeah there’s pain and suffering; and when peel back the onion layers, there’s the good right in the center. His story moved me. I found the good in my fall, the situation, some other things in my world prior to the ride, etc. It was like the shades on the window just fell off, and the light came in and gave the room life.
  5. Finally after connecting and talking with folks, going through the whole emotional roller coaster it finally hit me like a brick. We get to chose how  we will play the hand we are dealt with. In card games, (Uno, Spades, Poker, etc) you get a good hand and sometimes bad hand. Either way you play to win. (Now granted some folks aren’t good card players… they do the best they can. We all do.)  The way the card hand looked to me, I played the Ace when I fell. It could have been a lot worse. Then I played a few spades and got a few books.  In the end it doesn’t matter. Why, because I stayed in the game and played to win. I got back on the bike on day 4, 5, 6, and 7.  I won the card game. Not only that I’ve been back a few more times!11119432_10205967798609193_5226776820701719437_n

This blog was about the lessons I’ve learned from either a movie, friends (way too many lessons there) event, etc. I chose this one because I still carry the battle wounds as a constant reminder that I am in more control over my actions, thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc…and that I must allow people to be there for me…and more importantly play to win. A lot has changed since that fall in 2011. I’ve worked with personal coaches, learned how to ride a motorcycle, started blogging, got back into the game of network marketing, went a few dates, hell I’ve even signed up for scuba diving lessons.  Plus I am now a group fitness instructor, and I volunteer for AIDS LifeCycle as a training ride leaders. Finally, my cycling has gotten so much better and stronger. One could say, “he’s played his cards well.”

Take care!

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Little Known Secrets that Will Change the Way You Think About Winning

What would you do if you knew the secrets to winning all the time? What would change you about yourself? How would you use these tools to make your life better? More than likely you are probably thinking…”I don’t know. I’ve always been told winning is for someone else.” Or maybe you are thinking, Earl is this another one of your ‘feel good’ moments. Life is hard and you get knocked downed repeatedly’  Never the less, set aside all of your preconceived notions about winning and ask yourself what would you do if you knew the secrets to winning all the time? Take out a pen, piece of paper (ok for you techies use your memo/note app.)  How would your life change? What’s possible for you? What new goals would you take on? What type of body would you have? How hard would you work if you knew the little known secrets that will change the way you think about winning? Describe your confidence levels? Describe how you act if you were in a business meeting for $1 million dollar deal?  Keep going…take about another 5-10 minutes and then come back to this blog. (I want you to post of your ideas/thoughts in the comment section below.)

You are back! Welcome. How was the exercise? Did you notice anything different about you? Notice any new thoughts or ideas?  Probably a lot o things happened when you did that exercise. First you probably thought…”hell na’ll.” Then you thought, “well, just maybe.” Then it went to…”hmm…this could work.” Probably even started to see something…and if you did “x” then “y.” And you finally got a little bit of a light on the inside…and for just a few minutes you saw something that is possible.  Reality steps in and the light/hope/etc starts to dim…and those feelings of being a loser/not a winner chicken dinner start to show up.

There is away to beat that and change the way you think about winning.

6e67b2836a7fc5ef6505acaa2b2fca311. Create small success on a daily basis. If you turned your reports in on time, that’s a win. If you kept the lights on this month, that’s a win. If you changed the locks on the door and broke up with that no good such an such, yes that’s a win.  Everyday when you do something that moves you towards your goal(s), that’s a win!!!  You keep taking those steps, you will always win at your game!

credit to www.slideshare.net

2. Surround yourself with people who will support and encourage you to win. If you want to loose weight, get around people who will make you drop and give them 20 push ups. Listen whatever your definition of success is, ask yourself who do you know that is working towards that shared vision/goal/or something similar. Find them and get around them.  Yes, that means some of friends will ask to get off of your train. Let them. Not everyone can stay on your success train for ever. Even if you pull them along with you, they won’t stay at your level because they didn’t do the work nor developed the mindset that comes along with that level of success. Go be with the pack you want to run with…and make it happen. Sometimes on the road to winning, you might be alone.


3. Journal and write out your goals!!!!! Notice how you felt when you did the exercise at the beginning of this blog. Do that as many times possible daily. Especially when you feel like victory is a cheap date to a closed burger joint. Now read this slowly and carefully.  Nothing on this planet that you and I use, did not come into existence without a written plan/sketch/drawing/display/model…even the commercials you watch and hear were first written out/drawn on a board.  You’ve learned to write for a reason…use it!   Yes, even the job you currently hold  at the place you don’t like, has a job description, expectations, goals, etc. It’s all in writing…now how are your goals any different. Even the gas you put in your car, has a formula written down somewhere in some scientists’ desk.

4. The final small tip that will change your view about winning is really simple. You must invest in your own personal and professional development. If you aren’t willing to learn from those who came before you, those are doing what you want to do…then you are destined to stay right where you are in a different color jump suit. This goes back to surround yourself with winner. The fastest way to change the shape of your thoughts is to pick up a book on personal development and read it. Attend seminars and training in your chosen venture. The human mind is the biggest battle field in the universe. We can create and destroy  our own castles with a single thought. If you think you can’t you won’t. If you think you can, then you will try. If you think can, then try and learn/grow/develop the odds of winning big time are higher in your favor. No horse has ever won the Kentucky Derby without training and development. No heavy weight fighter has ever won without training and development. No one who has achieved any level of success that is measurable by any society without training and development. Even Mother Teresa had mentors/coaches/training and development. Look at her success…and the impact she made on this planet. I took a course to learn how to do this. And paid good money for it…and the lessons I’m learning about blogging/internet marketing/mlm marketing, etc when put to use will forever improve the value of my life and those around me.

In the end the secret to winning is really simple and easy….take these 4 tips use them. Go create a life and live the life you want. Yeah it’s work…and it will take some time. The time will pass no matter what you do…and the work will be there no matter when you start. It’s best to get started now, so that you can enjoy you the fruits of your labor sooner…and you will have abundance to share with those you love and support you!