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The Power of Why, Intentions, and Outcomes – Lessons From Bowling


Do you ever feel like you are just all over the board when it comes to your business? Do you feel like “this” just ain’t happening? Well after spending the weekend in Vegas for an IGBO bowling tournament and only winning 95 bucks…I have discovered why my performance reflects that “this” ain’t working results. Our results are a direct reflection of our “why, intentions, and outcomes.” Our “why” – why did we start that network marketing business. Our intentions reflect what we planned to do with the business. Let’s be frank, some of us had to plan to do nothing other than “hope” it would just work out. Our outcomes – what are the results we need to be in alignment with our “why” and “intentions.” Again some of us just “hope.” And we get results that looked like we “hoped” for death of the idea. To be successful at anything – our “why” intentions” and “outcomes” must be in alignment. If they are not, then you get results that looks like you “hoped” for something to stick.

The book I started reading this weekend is “Sell or Be Sold” by Grant Cardone.  This book got me to asking myself what’s up? What’s going on? What could I have done differently? If you take the time to step back and evaluate your outcomes, then you can begin to see where you can improve, tweak, and take new actions. This is why I  focus and push to inspire you to invest in your personal development. I can’t think of one of “successful” person that does not invest in the game, mindset, etc.




Look we all want results that propels us towards our definition of the “good life.”  So the question becomes how do we consistently get them…and this book lead me to the answers I discovered and shared in the video above. So go watch the video… and then get the book and read it. If you order the book, then order it from here –“Sell or be Sold.”  

Let me know your thoughts. Share this blog post with others. Let’s help each other win!!!



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PSS: Here’s the Facebook post of what my friend Sam accomplished. This is was his first 300 game. His 300 is a good example how this idea can work in any area/goal you want!  Show him some love and support ;-)!


Why You Are Already A Success?

We each have our own definition of what success is or is not. Yet, mostly all of us think success is related to money, a big house, car, clothes…etc. Over time, I’ve come to realize that success is “whatever the hell” I want to it be. Listen, if I let my wins/failures define me as successful or not, then I would be surely depressed. Instead, I’ve chosen to learn from them, make adjustments, and keep it moving.  So let’s take a new look at success…a look that I believe that will empower instead of tearing folks down because they don’t make 100k, 1 million, 1 billion per year.

Watch this video – You Are A Success.


Earl Nightingale said, “Success is the pursuit of a worthy idea.” When we start to look at success as it relates to the “journey,” which we must all take to reach our goals, then we start see, take ownership of the wins/loses/setbacks along the way. We have to take ownership of who we become as we move towards our goals. We start to make course changes and adjustments a lot easier. We then realize that the obtainment of that goal is just is the just manifestation of all of our hard work along the way. The achievement of the goal is just feedback of our successful journey.  From this point of view, we then focus on the daily routines, commitment, actions that we all must take. This is where we can draw strength, have faith, hope, and courage…for we all know deep down inside that we have to go for it.

Know if you are on the path towards the accomplishment of your goals, doing the daily activities it takes to reach that/those goal(s), then you are successful. It’s just a matter of time when you will see the results of your labor of love.

Take care!



If you want to buy a copy of the Lead The Field, and I encourage you to do so…then just click here —> Lead The Field.

PSS: How do you view success? Please share you thoughts.

Revealed: How A Video Challenge Boosted My Views on Facebook

It’s like almost 4 in the morning.  Thirty of us have taken on a challenge by our mentor David Wood to shoot a video, get the most view, likes, comments, and shares all in an effort to win a contest to be apart of his leadership mastermind event in Costa Rica this October 2016. Now, I will confess that I was like “huh?” Like why not just charge me to attend or something like that. Well now that I have taken on this challenge to compete for a spot at the table, I’ve come to realize a few things.

1. It’s was a lesson to get us out of our comfort zones. That’s right. Most people are so afraid of not doing things right, saying the wrong thing, etc. That fear holds most people back. This challenge was to inspire us to make action and overcome that fear. I will confess I was nervous and like “WTH?”  If I want to be able to help people, I’ve got to conquer my own fears.  <—Click the link to see the video.

2. It was a lesson to show us that we can influence people to take action, get them engaged, and earn their support. That’s the basic definition of leadership. It’s something we all have.  Even if I got 2 views on a video, I still had engagement and support from those viewers. They viewed the post!!!! That’s the biggest  battle with any advertising/internet marketing/etc. Getting people to actually look at your content, and hold their attention. I did that!!!!


3. It got us over our fears of making fools of ourselves on camera. Now, I will confess I don’t like video blogging. Yet, it has been proven time and time again it’s the most effective and produces the highest engagement with audiences.  So, I did it!!! I made my video on   Facebook Live .  <— click this link to see the video. I’ve only used that Facebook feature two times. Today was the second time.  I was so nervous!!!!

4. This challenge also proves that people are more likely to engage with you with a video because it shows your personality… basically you.  It’s raw and live. More importantly…it uses the majority of people senses: see and hear. Where as a blog post is only seeing, while a PodCast is only hearing.  The more sense that are engaged, the more people are engaged.

Thanks to what I have learned this weekend on internet marketing and taking on this challenge, I have generated several hundred views in minutes.  Thus proving his point of the power of videos in internet marketing. It’s like woah!

Take a look at the video, like it, comment, and share it. Then go do your own video and put it out there. Let people see you, connect with you, hear your voice, and know that you are real. You’ve got value to add to their world that can make a huge difference for them. That’s what it is all about, we each help each other to be better!!

I want to thank you for supporting me in this challenge by viewing, liking, commenting, and sharing the video. Please let me know that you have, so that I can thank you!!! This challenge is major proof – no one wins without the support of others.


Thank you!



PS: Like, Comment, Share the video —> Click The Link!!!

How To Attract Leads To Your Business

Whatever business you are in you’ve got to have people to sell to. Let’s be frank, whatever your belief(s) is/are about money, success, wealth you still need people to sell to or not sell to regardless. How are you going to do that. We all know that old rhyme, “if you build it, then they will come” doesn’t work. Look at all the closed shops in your area.  We also know that “word of mouth” gets you so far.

Just how do you get leads, find folks who want your product/services/maybe even join your business if you are in network marketing?  It’s marketing! Yes, marketing. All major companies has some form of a marketing budget to reach their target market.  We must do the same.  We can’t keep asking our friends and family, and then ask them if they know 5 people to refer to us.

I can here you now going, “Earl, I don’t know nothing about marketing.” You can probably guess what I am going to say – “Learn it.” You can learn how to market your business. As a matter, the fact you are reading this blog is even more proof of that, because I learned how to market myself. I am still learning new things – like video blogging! It’s getting better.  As you learn the skills to market on line and apply what you learn, you will start to get results. From those results you can make course corrections and adjusts. As you get leads and success, your vibration starts to raise. Before you know it – you will have more leads than you can shake a stick at. These are people who’ve agreed to hear what you have to offer.  Now how would that make you feel?

Finally, you’ve also got to do this. Now really get this. However you decide to market, just remember that people are freaking awesome and they got a lot on their plate. So if you are in network marketing, get to know them and connect with them before you decide to say “look at my dvd.”  If you are in banking like me, connect with them.  When you take your internet marketing training, hopefully you will choose a program that also focuses on personal development as well.  So important, as we all have our habits and weird things about us, that attracts to us things we don’t want.

Let’s wrap this up – I have a 90 mile bike ride tomorrow morning. Now, if you are going to learn how to market, then learn how to market on line.  Take an internet marketing course from people like EmpowerNetwork.  Also, if you decide you want to, then you we can talk.  There are others as well. Find one – try it and learn. Success is a learned. You can’t demand from the Universe a life of freedom, if you aren’t willing to invest in yourself and get the skills you need to do your part, to make your dreams come true.  That smart phone in your hand is an ally. Take the time to learn how to market online. You will be so glad you did – when you have fresh new leads to talk to about your products and services, instead of your Grandparent’s friends for the 5th time.

Remember – to comment blow. Let me know your thoughts on this post. Please share the post if you got anything of value – it’s caring when you share.  And feel free to connect with me on social media.


All the best!



You Are Worth It | You Make A Difference



No matter where you are in life you are “WORTH IT!” You can make difference in the lives of those around you.

It’s why we are here on this planet.  It doesn’t matter what your position is at your job, business, etc.

When you connect with people from the heart you can move mountains in people’s lives.

This is why we all must invest in ourselves.

We must learn new skills, achieve our goals, and remember the victories we’ve gained. You are worth something.

You are worth more than your weight in gold/silver/brass/diamonds.

The impact you have another person is far more valuable, so be that person.

Live your life powerfully.

Take Care!


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The Power Of Gratitude | The Law Of Attraction | The Force of Gratitude

I am just going to put this out there! If you can read this blog, if you can see this blog, if you access this blog online either via your smart phone/tablet/laptop/desktop, then no matter what you are going through you have something to lift your head, hands, and hearts up and say “Thank you!” 

I just spent an amazing weekend in Nashville at my very first internet marketing/personal development weekend.  I’ve never been to an industry based conference before. I was so blessed by the people, the content, the experience that I didn’t want to leave them.  There’s something magical that happens when you attend whatever business, industry, company, etc conference. I met people like [fb_embed_post href=”https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153484208601606&set=a.10153479485746606.1073741829.635306605&type=3&theater/” width=”350″/].

I met several million dollar home based business owners, 6 figures earners, and the creator of the organization[fb_embed_post href=”https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153481877176606&set=a.10153479485746606.1073741829.635306605&type=3&theater/” width=”350″/]

This event was so moving for me, that I called my mom and told her “Thank you for all that you and dad has done for me.”

There’s one thing that I know for sure. You and I must always give thanks for the victories, for the wins, the ups, and the lessons we learn when we come down. There’s power in gratitude. It raises my vibration when I think of the goodness and what my God has done for me. There’s power there that allows me to see a new way around an obstacle. There’s power in gratitude that moves mountains, the causes clients to move forward and do business with you. The power of gratitude will propel you towards your goals and victories faster than any actions you take with a negative and crappy attitude.

While I was in Nashville last week. I had to take time out and say “thank you!” I had to recognize the forces at work in my life, that are helping me to reach new heights in my sales career, in my group fitness teaching, in my fundraising for AIDS LIFECYCLE...the list goes on. I just had a person donate a huge some of money to the 545 mile bike ride… that I was so not expecting at all. How is all that possible because I look for things to say “Thank you!”

I’m going to put the video link here in this blog post. Watch it. Then go and find 3 things you are grateful for. Post them in the comments below. It doesn’t matter if you had 5 bucks to buy food, be grateful. If you barely had enough money to pay rent, celebrate! If you have the ability to read, then give thanks with a grateful heart. If you called and talked to your mom, then say “Thank you!” You and I have so much good and wonderful things that happen to us everyday that we take for granted. This time – I challenge you to take a few minutes – share it here and on social media – what you are grateful for. Do it often…and watch your life change and just get sweeter!

Here’s the video I made!

Continue to be blessed!!!


2 Mind Blowing Videos – To Get Back In Control

The hardest part of any step towards something new, is dealing with all that crap and drama that comes up within yourself. Our biggest enemies are not the people who are different from us, etc. Our biggest enemies are ourselves, because we have some stinking thinking. We expect everyone to fit in the “box” or situations, goals, career, etc. We allow for very little flexibility. When something pushes against our paradigm, we fight back like some a bull in a cheap glass store. Maybe these videos can give you some insight as to how to make a paradigm change that could help you reach your goals a little faster.
  1. Change Your Habits, Change Your Life – Bob Proctor

    The results we get are a direct reflection of our beliefs. Our beliefs determine our actions, which determines are results. Have ever noticed your cousin who has 5 college degrees, and can’t keep a job? Did you notice the people at work, who have been there for umpteen years in the same position, while others are moving right past them? What about the kids on the football team who get the scholarships, while the rest just go “okay?”  Do ever wonder why some people always win, while those who should win…just can’t seem to get a break. Do you ever ask yourself about your own paradigms, and why you believe them?It’s all about paradigms, what we believe deep down. It always shows it’s head based on our actions, words, etc. Not even me…Mr. Group Fitness. I have to work on it…and I have resources like Bob Proctor to help me.
  2. Shift Your Paradigm – Bob Proctor

    Bob Proctor is one of the best coaches out there on personal and professional development. Listen, we’ve all had our share of ups and downs. The questions I’ve been asking myself since I discovered this are. How do I have more ups then downs?  How do I powerfully  and effectively deal with then downs? You can’t ask questions like that of yourself, till you understand the power you posses to shift your paradigms about yourself and you surroundings. A fish can’t breath out of water. A tree can’t grow without roots. You and I can’t have our ideal livers without changing our habits, beliefs, (paradigms) to match that ideal life. When we do, we will start to take actions consistent with that belief…the results speaks for them. You are either moving towards your goals or away from them. With each blog I write, I am moving towards my goal. With each blog I don’t right, I move away from my goals. With each sale, appointment, cold call, we sales reps move towards are goals, with each one we don’t have we move away from it.
A lot of you want to be successful in your business. Whether it’s Herbal Life, multi-level marketing, internet marketing, or whatever you want to be successful. Yet something holds you back, keeps you on the fence, and you waver on your decisions. It’s time for you take your control of your life, destiny, and get to where you want to go. The minutes, hours, days, months, and years will move on regardless of what you do or don’t do. It’s really all up to you, and you are the only one who can make that shift in your beliefs/habits and take the actions towards your goals. If you want some support, shoot me an email. I will send you what I have…and you can go from there. It’s a step in the right direction. Plus there’s always room at the top for you. Let’s get to work.
Take Care