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Why You Must Invest In Your Personal Development


In a previous post, I talked about 4 things you probably wanted to know before your bought your work from home internet program.
1. How much personal development you will have invest in addition to the program.
2. You probably wanted to know that you won’t make much money from the start.
3. You probably will have to buy additional training, products, services to help you get traffic to your website/blog, convert that traffic to leads, and then into a sale.
4. You probably wanted to know that you need staying power.

Here’s the link to that video – click here.

In this video, I will talk about personal development and the critical role it will play in your business success. Let’s be blunt, your mindset will always determine your level of success. What you have is a direct reflection of your beliefs, mindset, etc. It doesn’t matter which upline you belong to, whose program you bought, or how many blog posts you have. Stinking thinking will always yield stinking results.

If you still need more proof, then here are 6 articles on the subject of personal development and success.

1. Success.com  –  Rohn: Why Personal Development Is Critical to Success

2. Entrepreneur.com  – The 3  Personal Development Goals Successful People Pursue Habitually

3.  Ryan Robinson  –  The 6 Personal Development Stages That Took Me from Secretary to Self-Employed

4. Forbes.com  – What Every Leader Must Know About Personal Development

5. Huffington Post – The Link Between Personal Development and Professional Success

6.  Life Optimizer  – Why Personal Development Is Even More Important

Let’s start to win by changing our mindset about wealth, success, money, abundance, our abilities to get things done, etc. We can do that faster by studying ourselves, taking action, and making course corrections.



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‘Should’ Is For The Dumps

Do you just feel like like your business ‘should’ be this or that? Do you feel like your sponsors, upline, or downline ‘should’ help you to win at your business?  We will talk about the about the power of ‘should.’ I recently learned first hand the power of ‘should.’ I can tell you from firsthand experience, that it is something else. The amount of energy involved was enormous.  If you watch the video, you will discover a few tips that can help you in your business. 




The article I mentioned referencing Hannah Braimer is here – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/hannah-braime/stop-saying-the-word-should_b_4790797.html   This article is good and worth the quick read. She’s dead on point about this, and the information can really help you!!!

If you are looking for help with your network marketing business, then click the link here and start teaching yourself how to win – www.simple10kformula.com.

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Interview With A 6 Figure Internet Marketing Income Earner


If you ever thought all of this internet marketing stuff was fake/a scam/not real, then you are in for treat.  I had the opportunity to interview with my mentor Vitaliy Dubinin. This guy is amazing and his story behind his success is incredible.  Can you figure out his secret to success? It’s really simple – watch and discover it.

If you want to learn how to market online for any business, then simply click on the banner that says Profitable Blog. It all starts there.  You’ve got to take the first step.

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PSS: Income Disclaimer: Let’s be frank not everyone is going to play nicely and win. Some folks will make a heck of money at doing what they love, while some folks won’t make a single dime. If you want to make money, then in the words of Britney Spears and RuPaul, “You better work.”

How Success Is Linked To Actions – 3 Quotes To Inspire You To Actions

We all have a dream of making it big, telling our love ones that they don’t have to worry about money, or telling the folks at the plant you ain’t coming back. We all dream of that day. Some of us take actions/steps to reach that goal, while some of us sit around and say some day. So for those of us who take those steps/actions, we open up a business or we join a network marketing opportunity. We get off to a great start, then we lose steam. This thing called life starts to eat at us. The wife starts demanding more time. The kids need new shoes, and of course the husband is acting a damn fool. Yet, that dream of success is calls and beckons you come forth. So at this point you just need something to help you get over that “hump.” You want to be reminded that success is a lot hard of work. It will keep you up at night, and you will need the physical strength of 10 bears to make this happen. So here are some quotes that I found to give your body/mind some needed recharge. Keep these posted somewhere, to remind yourself – success is just an action step ahead.

“Success Is Created By Learning and Doing Success.” Earl L. Jones
I really came to this conclusion while learning how to scuba dive a few weekends ago in Monterrey, CA. The only way to achieve anything, or any level of success in anything – at the job, at home, driving a car, etc. You must learn how to do it and then do what you’ve learned. Just think for second. Did you come out of your mom’s womb knowing how to drive a car? Did you know how to read? Did you know how to talk and form something of a complete sentence? You did not. Let’s take it one step further, how much training did you complete on your job/business/etc? So if you want to change your definition of success, achieve a new level of success, or just be a higher degree of success, then you must learn and do what you’ve learned to achieve the success you want. Go learn how to be the success you want, do what you are told, and watch what happens.

12552271_1014212235287001_369747923_n“You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.” Richard Branson

Read this quote again. Do you notice a pattern here? Parents, did you read to your kids from the “rule book” on parenting about walking? No, you did not. You taught your little one how to walk…and you let them fall. At some point they got it down, but not without trying and falling. Exactly, that’s how we are with success. We must learn the success steps, fall down, then get up again. Walking requires action…success requires action. Hell even as adults we trip while walking, but that doesn’t stop us from getting up, laughing about it, and posting it on social media.

“Often the difference between a successful person and a failure is not one has better abilities or ideas, but the courage that one has to bet on one’s ideas, to take a calculated risk – and TO ACT.”  Andre Malraux 

We all have goals and dreams. Your goal could be to learn internet marketing, start a business, grow your business, or just to get through the day. The only way any of that is going to happen is with action. My experience has been that I get to caught up in the  “I don’t know what to do.” Or I got caught up in the “I’m scared they will laugh at me.” It happens to all of us. And we must just realize something. If we can get in our cars, on our motorcycles, on our bikes, jog in a not so well lighted park, or work at our jobs, then going for goals is just as easy if not easier. The biggest thing that stops us, is that we are so familiar with our “normal.”  That’s where learning, actions, learning, actions, etc comes in. That creates our new normal, and now the achievement of a particular goal is achieved.

Success is learned actions repeated over and over. Walking is learned repeated over and over. Talking is learned. Reading is learned. Even driving your car to and from work is learned. If you want to succeed in any business, sales position, career, publishing, even just how to work out better, you’ve got to learn and then take the actions required. That’s the only way you are going to know if you what you learned works our not. So whatever dream you have, there’s a course on how to do it and win. Go get take that course, learn it, and then do it.

If you want to learn how to blog, online marketing, how to recruit people into your home based business, or just drive traffic to your website, then click the box below and get some tips and tools.

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Top 4 Must Haves To Reach Your Next Level

We all have busy lives. We’ve got kids, parents, ex-boy/girl friends, bad bowling teammates, a job we may or may not, and of course that car that just never seems to give you 30 miles to gallon.  Thus we are all looking for ways to make it work. We are looking for ways to get to the next level. Yet some how that next level just doesn’t exactly show up…and now we are kinda going around circles looking for the escalator to the next level.  Here are 4 simple things you can do everyday to get yourself on to get to your next level.

1. Take Care Of Your Body!

1505208_10152473300536606_701946147392960598_nThis is number one for one simple reason – you must be able to physically endure your journey. If you are not in the best possible physical shape of your life, you are going to struggle to make it to your definition of the top. Just look at the top performing people in any industry – they are in shape, have the confidence of an Eagle, and frankly people find them very attractive.  Of course, there’s always exceptions to the rules. And there are way too many articles, studies, research to prove taken care of your body leads you faster to your goals – then not.  It’s been proven that those who are physically fit make more money…and just have the power to stick with it. Check out an article written by Stephanie Faris at Smart Hustle. In her article she points out that there’s increased brain function, better mindset, and lower absenteeism in the work place.  Now I am not advocating you to become a gym bunny or a fitness model. I am advocating for you to spend 3-4 times a week for 30 minutes working on your body. You can do that by walking your neighborhood. You can walk/run in the park. Anthony Robbins  calls it “An Hour of Power” in his “Get The Edge Program.” I love, love, love, love this. Get this program – if you don’t have it. It’s a classic and still transforming people’s lives in 2015. I used this program 2008…and double my income and everything just got better. Simply because I moving, breathing, and was alive!!!  Once you start to work out, walk/run/cycling/lifting weights, etc  – you will start to eat better/sleep better. You will start to feel a difference in your body and you will love that feeling. If you don’t, then see a doctor as you might have some other challenges. Get yourself to a gym, go for a walk, run, cycling, etc… make yourself a huge priority. If you don’t how do you expect the Universe and others to make you one in their world?

2. Take Care Of Your Mind!

converse-fieldsNo one can produce a $1 million dollar income with a minimum wage mindset. We’ve all seen this with lottery winners, who are broke within 5 years. I haven’t seen a magic trick yet that will allow 5 gallons of water to be held in a 24 ounce glass? The same as it as about success, money, wealth, abundance, etc. We must change the way we see ourselves as it relates to success and money.  Let me be frank, this is not going to happen over night and it’s not going to happen by hanging out with folks who think making $15 per hour is awesome. Nor is it going to happen by hanging out with people who think it’s hard to make money is evil/bad/hard/dangerous/not possible etc. Despite what we hear in the media, etc… it take money on this planet to get, have, or do anything. Until we as a planet change our concepts of paying for services, it will require money!  Thus if you are currently making $30k a year, and you want to make $100,000.00 you must develop the mind set of $100,000.00. You must develop a successful mind which believes: 1. you are worth it.  2. you must have it.  3. you will work for it by providing value to others and helping them to achieve their goals. The fastest way to do that, is to get around people who share that mindset, read and study success, attend conferences, and take daily actions with the tools you’ve learned as a result of studying success. Then you must share it with others to complete the circle. Study, practice, and share!!!   The first place I would start to get the fastest results is with Bob Proctor’s Six Minute to Success.  Bob has been studying himself and success for years and makes more in an hour than most people make in a year! I’ve used his Six Minutes to Success and found it to be awesome. I’ve used some of information to help me close some big deals in my sales career. I’ve used to help me go from 190 average in bowling to a 200+ average. I’ve used his training to help me get over some personal hurdles.  It’s was one of the best investments in myself. Not to mention, it a great for those who say, “I don’t like/don’t have time/can’t stand to/my husband will laugh at me / or blah blah read.” Break free…you are worth it!!!

 3. Take Care Of Your Emotions!

No matter how hard I try and pretend like I am not “emotional” the more I realize… Yeah I have them. As such on my journey to take care of my family and leave a legacy for them, I must surround myself with people who share that goal. I surround myself with those who will support me in my crazy decision to pursue my freedom, create abundance, and provide for my nephews/nieces/etc.  I don’t hang out with people who might even think about tearing me down…and try to make me feel guilty for wanting the very best I can get from my life. This is so hugely important, there’s no room for compromise. Listen, I Can Do Bad All By Myself  (great movie by one of my favorite people Tyler Perry!) I don’t need nobody’s help with that. Trust and believe.  Let me encourage you to have this resolve. There’s no room on the train to the next level for the baggage of doubts, fears, dismays, worrying, complaining, and debbie downers. That stuff will kill even a buzz from smoking crack. If you think crack is whack, then you cannot surround yourself with folks who do not love you/support you, and you don’t love/support them.  One of the biggest reasons people don’t win, is because they playing in the weeds instead of the flower garden.

4. Take Care Of  Your Spirit!

photo-1416359658663-73a3834895ebYou don’t have to believe in a god or religion to recognize that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Notice the next time you are thinking about your friend Steve, while you are at dinner with Karen, then Steve just shows up, or text you, or calls you, or send you some sort of message. We have a huge connection between us that goes beyond physical barriers. Let’s just acknowledge it for what it is and figure out how nurture this side of us. If that is “church” then awesome. If it’s mediating, then awesome. If it’s working out while listening to audio books, then awesome. However we each do it, great. As we all have our own way of connecting or reconnecting with God/Source/Universe/ Spirit. I’m trying mediation, Yoga, and expressing gratitude every time I buy something/wake up/sleep/spend time with family and friends.  The point is we must not deny this side of our sides as we push towards are goals and dreams, as this side of us will and does give us ideas/insights/directions on the next move/course direction/course of action to take to reach the next level. Learn to embrace it!!! The Daily Mediation Blog site is full of great ideas!!!

In the end we are trying to get to the next level. We all face road blocks, challenges, etc on the path to the next level. What I know for sure when I work out, keep myself engaged in reading, studying, audio books, etc on success/abundance, hang out with people who are committed to reaching a higher level and supporting me in my efforts as I support them, and I take time out to acknowledge and nurture the spiritual side of me – things move! They move fast and with a quickness. Success is easier to reach when we take time out for ourselves, take care of ourselves, and prove to ourselves that we matter! Prove to yourself that you matter – and watch your world transform.

I am wishing you continued success on your journey, and I am expecting to add value to your journey. I will see you at the top.


If you got anything from this, then share it with your family/friends. Maybe this is what they are looking for to validate their next steps on their journey.

Internet Marketing 2.0 – Tools That Can Have You Marketing On The Internet Like A Ninja

Did you know there over 2 billion people on this planet that have social media accounts? Of that 2 billion, about 1.5+ billion are actively used. Did you know about 45% of world’s population, that’s about 3 billion people actively use the Internet? Just about 3.6 billion people use their smartphone and tablets to access the web. That’s according to brief report posted on WearSocial

Now with those type of numbers, is it any wonder why successful organizations/home businesses/multi-level marketers/internet marketers focus on social media interaction and syndication? If you had the right tools, training, and support how much of that could you get for yourself and your business?

  1. Kalatu Premium

    kalatu imageNow before I describe this hack in details. Let’s just put this out here. If you have not read my previous blog posts about blogging/social media – go read them. This piece is the next step…that I discovered by talking with other successful internet marketers. (As I learn, so will I share. I want us all to win.)

    I know I told you to blog…and so now I am going to give you an actual tool. Kalatu Premium is a blogging platform that is being used by over 100’k online marketers. It’s what I am currently using…and I am using because of the rich content and online training it provides. This product not only makes it simple to create a blog post, it actually has learning modules on blogging/internet marketing/ etc. So you blog and learn at the same time. I tried it on a trail membership, posted a couple of blogs and was like… “this is so much easier than I thought.” I love the fact you can monetize your blog with affiliate marketing links ;-). It comes loaded with premium blog themes, widgets, plugins & applications. You have 10 blogs on 1 account  – a blog for everything on your mind. Check it out if you are still looking for a blog platform, or if you feel stuck with a free one/something that requires a lot of time to just make simple post. This could be a good fit for you and your internet marketing objectives. So far, it’s working for me and several 100k+ marketers.


  2. blog 11 of 21 of 1GetResponse Email AutoResponder

    I can’t stress this enough. You must have an email auto responder. How else do you plane to stay in touch with your audience? I am currently using GetReponse – because it works will with the Kalatu Premium Blogging Platform. It’s simple to use. It also has a learning tools to help you with OJT (On the job training). If you have a blog/website and you don’t have this tool, then you are just playing. Real simple and easy to use…and very cost effective. (Yes, if you think you can build a brand online, without investing in tools and technology, then you might want to stick with watching reruns of your favorite tv shows.) You can create all sorts of email campaigns for your business. Let your clients know about every post, if you are going to watch a football game, any new products, or tips and tricks you have to cleaning up after our pets/kids/love ones/or those in-laws. People want to feel a connection with you and your organization…this a faster/quicker way of doing it!


Syndicate to Social Media 

OnlywireNow this hack I just discovered and I wanted to get it out to you as quickly possible. This tool OnlyWire will allow you to post your blog/website to over 30 social media sites in minutes! There are so many social media sites it’s hard to keep up. Yet this company does it for me. I’ve posted a few of my previous blog posts to some of the sites, and already got some new visitors to my blog. It’s all about driving real/genuine traffic to your blog!!! I can’t stress this enough…if people can’t find your website…they will never come to your website. So get this and use it. In extra fairness, you may want outsource the setting up the social media platforms they have listed. Or you may want to do it yourself. It’s up to you…but either way. This is a must have!!!



Internet marketing is not as hard as you think. Way too many people are doing it successfully. Now I’ve tried this before with a just a simple blog platform. It was cumbersome (like going a date with a cheap person.) I couldn’t easily add affiliate marketing links and banners. After I paid for hosting, I had to pay for better looking themes…and blah blah blah. It’s like hanging out with your ex’s parents at a shut-in. Plus I had no one/no support structure/no built in training. I threw in the towel!!!

Then I found Kalatu Premium blogging system. It had the training, learning, the support, the community. People I could connect with… and I was like okay. So I’ve now posted my 16 blog in the last 2-3 weeks. I’ve had over 1500 people look at my Facebook fan page. I’ve connected with some great people… and I learned of a new tool to help me push out my blog…that I am now sharing with you. Not to mention, I have a full time job, I also teach indoor cycling 4 days a week, a league bowler, taking swimming lessons so that I can get scuba diver certified, plus I volunteer in my community. Plus, I have to see my mamma back home several times year. Do I sound like I have time to figure this stuff out on my own, and expect to win at this new game? Exactly. Yes, it’s hard work. It’s not get rich quick/easy. Now the question is will you use these tool or something similar to get yourself to where you want to be?  That’s all that really matters.Let me know your thoughts/comments/feedback in the Facebook box below. If you want to stay connected you can connect with me on Facebook. And if you want to stay inspired and motivated, sign up for my blog. I am learning/sharing as I am going.


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4 Blogging Hacks That Can Generate Leads To Your Business

We all live  in a very fast paced and crazy world. We are all coming and going. One day at some magical moment in time, we’ve decided to stop…and say “where in the heck am I going?” “What am I doing?” We’ve all said it. Some of us go, “oh never mind.” While some of us, “Gee, I need to do something about this.” The moment we make that decision we then search the internet far and wide for a new business idea, a new yoga pose, or when will Lionel Richie release a new album. At some point in the search for the “golden nugget” we start a business of some sorts. In that process we happen to discover we need a blog! Not just any blog, a blog that generates business for us…so that we never have to be in rush hour traffic or sitting on a bus next to a person with horrible body order. Now come the part of how do we generate leads with this blog. How do we get to place where we can, stop, slow down, and find our own rhythm? We want to connect with folks and get them to do business with us.  Let’s start with first…
  1. Who is Your Audience?

    The key to getting leads to your business is knowing who is your audience? You’ve got to know whom you are trying to reach. Are you trying to reach the awesome stay at home moms, or the 20-30 year old? Or are you looking for other work from home types like yourself? The blogs that perform well are blogs that target a specific group of people. This is basically marketing 101. Herbal Life, Amazon, Bob Proctor, etc doesn’t target people outside of their target market…neither should you with your blog.

    hack image

  2. What is Your Message?

    Once you’ve identified your target market, you’ve got to create content that appeals to that group. For example, if you are tennis pro-shop, your content should not only include information on the products you sale, it should also include tips and tricks on improving the backhand, the serve, the forearm, or exercise tips for tennis players. You must add value to your blog readers’ experience. Your blog should be seen as the authority on tennis, which means your pro-shop is the place to come to for right equipment, fit, etc. This establishes your business as an authority on the subject, which separates you from the competition.  As I said in my previous post, blogging is a must.

    hack image

  3. Always Ask For Their Email!

    Once you’ve decided to target tennis players. Then you create content and value around tennis, the tennis equipment, exercise for tennis players, etc. Always ask for their name and email address! Once you get a name and email,  you get to stay connected with your leads. You can send them updates on your blog. You can send updates on any sales, promotions, or special events. This will allow you to deepen that relationship with the client. People want to connect and feel like they are special, and apart of something! So create that for them with value content on your blog, and keeping them up to date.

    hack image

  4. Connect On Social Media – Call To Action

    I can’t say this enough. Look at the multi-billion dollar players in the market… everything is directed to social media. As such, your blog must have links to share to social media. Make it easy for your readers to share with their friends on just about any social media out there. Most companies only focuses on Facebook. Pinterest, Twitter, and Google Plus. Always ask your readers to share your blog posting. Like a good bottle of wine, people love to share! Make it easy for them to do… as it will only bring new readers/leads to your blog. That’s the goal to get leads, and turn them into sales!

    hack image

These 4 simple blogging hacks are really easy and simple to implement. Make them apart of your social media marketing strategy on a consistent and daily basis. It doesn’t matter if your business is a dry cleaner or small tailor shop down on Main Street. What matters is that you are connecting with people, getting their emails, and creating a relationship with folks that turns into sales. People always buy from folks they know and like. If you don’t know where to start, or don’t have a blog/blogging system, then click here to to learn more.


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2 Stunning Business Quotes

Faith without works is just plain old dead. That new business you paid good money to start, is not generating revenue if you are not taking actions. No sales are made without some form of a cold call, marketing, or contact with a potential customer. That SEO Marketing Program you bought can’t learn itself. The MLM you joined isn’t going to pay you back if you don’t take “action.”
  1. We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a thing. Action always generates inspiration. Inspiration seldom generates action.

    Frank Tibolt
    Read this quote out loud. Read it again. Read it one more time, word by word. Inspiration demands immediate action. It always has and will. Name a successful person who did not work on their goal? I can’t think of one either. Successful people have an idea, they get started, work towards it…and make corrections along the way. It’s no different than driving to the mall and you have to take a detour due to construction. Or go the grocery store for milk, bread, and cereal…and come out with fruit, nuts, and cheese because it was on sale. Take the actions you can take to make your inspiration become a reality.
  2. Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action.

    Walter Anderson, The Confidence Course, 1997
    Action(s) taken in the direct achievement of our goals will always yield immediate and real results. We can take the results and make course corrections and changes. Let’s take it one step further. Have you let a speeding ticket stop you from driving? Then why would you allow anxiety (speeding ticket) stop you from reaching your dreams? Did you ever fall of a skateboard? Did it stop you from skateboarding? Go skateboard/drive your car… what are you waiting for? updated blog 7 of 2 of 21
Action, action, action is always required to make any dream come true. It doesn’t matter if it cooking an awesome holiday dinner for you and the family to enjoy. It doesn’t matter if it getting the kids together to chip in and send the parents on a 2nd honeymoon for the 40th anniversary. Whatever the goal is, it takes actions! Yes sometimes, we don’t know what actions to take, and we get stuck. We get so stuck we plant our roots in that muck/mire and just stay there. Now it’s time to get unstuck. Dig up that soil, clean off those shoes, and get to stepping. I know you are grateful for what you have out life, and you want a little or lot more. It’s time to take actions and make it happen. Fortune will always favor the bold. Are you bold, then take the action(s).

How To Win In Network Marketing – Top 3 Tools That Will Help You To Win

Regardless of whatever network marketing/direct sales program you belong to, you’ve probably have already realized that talking to family/friends may not be working for you. You may also find that just asking co-workers/bowling buddies, people at the park to join your gig is also a challenge. Well, there is another way to win at this thing call network marketing/direct sales. There are 3 top tools out there to help people like you and me – finally get the results we want and win at this game.  Let’s take a look.
  1. Blogging!!!!

    When I started my multi-level marketing ventures, I had no idea what I was doing. I was told to talk to my friends and family first. Talk to everyone I know about the business. Let’s be frank…why would I talk to people about a network marketing business while sipping on cosmos. Not to mention who wants to be that family member that running around the Thanksgiving dinner table talking about their HerbalLife ventures and meetings. Just the thought of it sounds so boring and hideous. People have enough drama in their family without the added support of some get rich thing. Man that’s the wrong attitude to have!!!!!

    Here’s what I’ve discovered now that I’ve decided to combine my passion for group fitness and training with a company like HerbalLife. Every business shouts their name(s) from the mountaintops. Can you name a successful business that does not toot their own horn every chance they get? Can you think of one successful business, even a small local business that does not shout out from the mountaintops about their business and what they can do for folks? Well, I can… all those who are out of business. Let’s be frank, marketing is huge and important. One of the cheapest ways to promote any business, especially network marketing is “blogging!” Dude, Dudeet, blogging gives any business street cred!

    Like totally – yes freaking way. I am just as shocked as you are! Blogging is cheap, in some cases free, and has the potential to reach millions who could completely turn your business and life around in a second. Tell you what. Here’s a challenge go to the website of every company you love…and find the link to their blog. If the big boys/girls are doing blogging, then so must you and I. (This is the best peer pressure.  The one that makes us grow, learn, and become better for it. This ain’t that crazy stuff we all did in 5th grade and get our butts tore up by our parents.) We must tell more than parent(s) about our business. Aren’t we in business to help people to reach their goals?  The next time you drive down the street, notice the business signs you see. How are potential buyers suppose to find the business without a sign? How are your potential customers suppose to find you without a sign (blog?) If you are in any business and you don’t have a blog go get one or several! Write about whatever you want… and watch it change your business!!!!

    Click Here to Learn More About Blogging!!!!

    tool image

  2. Social Media

    Like I said…uhm back in the day, I was not going to talk to my friends and family about my previous network marketing events while we are doing whatever. Like why would I? That was such the wrong attitude and approach, especially when they were talking to me about all of their business drama. Of course me with my masters degree from Webster University I was all to willing to be a sounding board. And I must admit…gave some good suggestions. Hey, Webster gave me a good education.

    Here’s what I’ve recently discovered. Everyone and anyone who is running a successful business use social media. Look at a Amazon!!! They leverage the heck out of social media! Another challenge for you…if you think I am kidding. Open up another internet browser tab and go to your bank’s website. Look for the social media links. Now go to your favorite secret website. Did you notice their social media links? Now go to Amazon’s website and look at their social media. Do you see a pattern?

    I can hear it now…but they have huge operating budgets. So what! Facebook is free for and we can leverage the heck out of it. We can post our blogs to our pages… we can talk about our favorite things…etc. We can do it. We are already doing when we post crap about being at the grocery store with Peggy, Barbara, and Susan who doesn’t like Barbara because she’s got to squeeze the tomatoes every time she in the grocery store. Even our favorite recording artists and movie stars leverage social media. Even the FBI use them!!! So if it’s good enough for them…then why not for you and I?

    If you need help with this stuff…which I did and getting…and now sharing with you, then click the link in the photos. Hell invest in your own success… and make your own dreams come true. Aren’t we worth it?

    Click Here to Learn More About Social Media

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  3. MindSet

    Finally, we must change our mindsets about working for ourselves. As I’ve shared, my attitude towards my network marketing businesses was not on level or point, especially when I look at my performances in my sales career. I’ve produced over 100% of quota for years! That attitude I had toward my network marketing ventures would have never gotten me where I am today, nor the level clients.  In the day to day job I have call customers, set appointments, cold call, talk about what the bank and I can to do make life easier for them.

    My first straight only commission sales job, I walked the streets and passed out flyers for home security systems in neighborhoods that were not friendly to black people! One my biggest home security sales came from a customer who said, “My dog normally barks and growls at colored folks.” Yes, I sold that client almost $500 in extra alarm equipment, while sipping on sweet ice-cold ice tea and playing fetch with their vicious dog in their living room. The key was my mindset. It was all about making their lives easier. How can I show them a level of protection that eases their minds, while being cost effective? It never occurred to me I was in the middle of no-where and it was after 6pm. Nor did it occur to me that I could drive all that way and lose the sale. It just never entered my mind. When I sit down with a customer, all I focus on is helping them win at their game. It is all about mindset. To win at anything your mind has to be right.

    I have read many books on selling… and none of it transferred over to my own network marketing businesses until recently. Now that I’ve got coaching, support, and some help…things are clicking and connecting.  We’ve got to get our mindset from “employee” to “employer” and that takes some doing, training, and coaching. I’ve been in business to business sales long enough to tell you – a lot companies go out of business because they run their company as if they are still an employee. Change your mindset!!!

    Click Here to Learn More About MindSet

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At the end of the day, we all want to win. We want what we want…and we have to find a way to get it legally. If you want to win at your business, take it to the next level, or learn some better ways to attract clients by levering the power of a blog and social media; then click the links to get some tools that can make a difference for you and your business. The time is going to fly by whether you make a change in this aspect of your life and business… the only question is which side of time do you want to be on.