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How To Bounce Back In 2 Quick Steps


Do you feel like you are stuck with your business, internet marketing, etc? Do you feel like you’ve been knocked down or knocked back a few feet? We all do at some point on our individual journey on this road called life.

In this video, I share my recent and personal experience with my quest to learn internet marketing. I share what 2 little things I did to get back up on the horse and continue on my journey. These 2 little things are the reasons why I’ve shot this video and now sharing with you.

Watch this video and let these 2 Quick Steps motivate and inspire you to continue your quest towards the goal(s) you seek.

Here’s to your success


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These 3 Little Questions Packs A Wallop – Reinvent Yourself And Stay Relevant

Time is the fire in which we burn. (A Trekkie will know that quote.) Time will pass regardless of what we do or don’t do. The Earth will continue to rotate on its axis whether you and I start that business, write a blog post, read book, or make up with that family member who took the last piece of lemon pie. So if we know that time will continue to move with or without us, then how do we stay relevant in these ever Earth rotating times. How do we stay relevant, while continully adding value to ourselves and those around us? Let’s start with 3 simple questions that I learned from one of my favorites Bob Proctor.  

1. photo-1416339672936-7fe434088e8cWhat Are You Doing?  That’s right. What are you doing? Are you doing what you love, have to, or hate? Sit down. Take a piece of paper and write it out. What are you doing about/in your business, career, health, love life, money, and spiritual side? Are you making the kind of money you want? Are you doing the type of physical actives or gym time you want? Is your business where you want and vision it be? How are you reconnecting to that side of you that isn’t physical? What are you doing? How’s your overall health? Write the answer to these questions in detail. This question strips away the hum drum and cuts right to the chase. There is no hiding behind the excuses of your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend. This is all about you.

2. What’s Working In Your Life? Based on whatever you are doing to reach where ever you want to go or not going where you want to go – “what’s working?” How do you know what’s working? Just look at your results. This is where you don’t play to your “oh it must feel good emotions.” This is where you get so raw and real with yourself.  If are you getting the results you want, then it’s working for you. I am hoping you’ve written down your “success markers.” These “success markers” light the way to your ultimate goal. If you goal is to lose 15 pounds in 90 days, you would just break that down in to monthly goal of 5 pounds a month, or 1.25 pounds a week.  So what’s working? Okay now that we got the list ask yourself this question. How do I get at least 1% better a day?  If you focused on getting better 1% a day, that’s a 365% improvement. Now is that a reinvention of yourself that would make a difference for you?  Of course it would because you are 365% better than before. Now maybe you will have to take a new course, read or reread a couple of books, hire a coach, or take a seminar. What ever it is and you are committed to your best life, then go and make it happen.

3. What’s Not Working In Your Life?  We all have something in our lives that just isn’t working as we want. So what’s yours?  Write it down and look at it. Now ask yourself this question. “How can I make this work?”  What new actions can you take? If you want to do internet marketing  and don’t know where to start, then your new action(s) is getting in an education program to help you do that. If you are a sales rep and you want to make more sells, then you maybe for you it’s reading and studying sales techniques and success stories. If your goal is to lose 20 pound of weights, then it’s getting the right nutritional supplements and a physical fitness plan for you.  Here is where you make no more freaking excuses for not living your best life.  None!  Yes, you will have invest in yourself. Yes, you will have to make adjustments and course corrections to reach your goal. Tell me, do you ever drive your car without slightly turning the steering wheel at all? Of course you don’t. Even straight roads requires some minor adjustments to keep the car in a straight line. Our efforts towards our goals are the same!!! We are all constantly making adjustments…either sub-consciously or consciously. Sometimes we have to make a complete detour on our journey. That does mean we will have to give up some folks along the way, and let go of things that does you no good! This question will always force you to look at “What’s not working in your life?” and to make hard decisions. photo-1416339276121-ba1dfa199912

I had a meeting with a senior member of management regarding his business sales plan for the year. I asked him those 3 simple questions. We devised 2 sales campaigns to target all the major areas of his sales organization, plus tracking, plus incentives, and the desired close ratio. The plans addressed what we are doing, what’s working, and what’s not working. Please forgive me, as I can’t go into more details than that. We got the green light from senior management to run with our ideas. These 3 questions packs a wallop and will work in any situation. As time move forward and the Earth continues to spin, you and I must reinvent ourselves and stay relevant. It’s all about focusing on how to get it done

Here’s to your success!



The One Thing I Do Every Day – Ask A Simple Question

There’s one thing that I do every day, since I’ve moved to California from St. Louis in 2013. I crossed the Arizona boarder into California desert with tears in my eyes and give my God the glory and praise. I almost ran into the back of a truck. Yeah, I was a bit happy!!!  Moving to California was what you call an “if it happens great or a “pipe dream.”  It wasn’t until my girlfriend Susan Greene, who own a company called Paint Imagery in St. Louis challenged me to either “shut up or put up.”  Actually she was bit more colorful than that. I might as well tell the story.

Susan and Earl


Susan and I did the AIDS/LifeCycle Ride in June 2013 together. This was her first ride and my second ride. I’m still not exactly sure how I got her to join me…but I did something right.  I was so honored and humbled to be with her on that journey. The woman is a damn good cyclist, or just too stubborn to give up. She’strong, classy,and damn good looking. She knows how to handle her business!!!! Well during that ride I kept saying, “Why don’t I move to California? There’s something magical that happens to me when I am near the ocean and can see the whales, etc.” Of course Susan agreed. She will never discourage a person from pursuing a goal/dream.  Well  on day 6 of the ride, we both decide to just take it easy and go hang out at camp.  She and I must have talked about everything under the sun. We laughed so much and so loud, that other folks had to join in. It was on the way to a local Starbucks, that I started talking about moving to California again. Susan, looked me right in the face and said…”If you say that one more time without a plan…”   She went on to explain that whatever fear I had wasn’t valid or real, and in the end if I didn’t move to California I would live to regret it. One thing I know for sure, God gave women just little bit more wisdom then men. I don’t care if you are gay, straight, whatever…women have some keen insight into things that men just don’t have.

1003819_4915303442881_2098400350_nLong story short…we finish the ride. I get back home. I get a call from my previous manager Joel to check up and on me and see how things went. I told Joel about the trip and that he almost got a call stating I had stayed in California. The next words out of his mouth just floored me. He said, “We can transfer you out there. I know the hiring manger. They need support and we can work to make that happen.”  That was mid-June 2013. Sure to his word, I had an offer on the table from my previous employer for Mountain View, CA in July 2013. I left St. Louis, MO August 5, 2013 and arrived in Palo Alto, CA on August 7, 2013 at 7pm. Now my company did not pay for the relocation, because it was considered a transfer. I had to pay for it. The cost of rent out here is high as hell, and I gladly pay it.  So get this. I left St. Louis…I didn’t have a place to stay until I got here. I didn’t have an apartment lined up either. I got here on the 7th of August. I remember pulling over on the side of road starting to freak out in front of a Bank of America branch…because I didn’t have a hotel room. With the help of my auto club service I found a hotel room. On August 8 and 9 I look for a place and found one on August 9. I moved in August 10 (which is so hard to do in my neck of the woods) and slept on an air mattress. (Yes, I still have it.)  My furniture arrived on August 13, which was 2 weeks earlier… and  I had internet/cable/gas/water turned on August 15.  Now stay with me, it gets better!

The one thing that I do every day, since I took Susan’s advice and relocated to California, is focus on “HOW DO I MAKE IT HAPPEN?”  Look if I can make the ducks line up in a row to move across country on my own dime, find a place to say in less than 2 days, then surely I can make just about anything else I want to happen. At the end of the day the ducks aren’t going to line up on their own. No time is going to be perfect. The customers may or may not return your phone call. The associate pastor may or not may bring the Word of God like the Pastor does. None of that will keep a person who is committed to the success of their endeavors from reaching their goals.  See when I started asking the question, “How do I make it happen?” my thoughts and attention went from “we can’t do this because of that…” to searching for what can I do. How can I make this happen? It cost me over 10k to move across country. I got the money. My rent is over 2300 bucks a month. It’s paid on time every month.  I got food in the fridge and cute shoes to put on my feet!     It costs me almost $2000 to fly home to see my my mom… for a few days! All I focus on “How do I make it happen?”

photo credit to – www.hdfbcover.com

Now don’t get it twisted. I’ve had to fight doubts, fears, etc.They creeps up on you…always lurking in the shadows. One my previous pastors called it stinking thinking.That’s when I hasten back to the throne and simply ask, “How Do I Make It Happen?”  Since I’ve asked myself that question on a daily basis… a lot has changed. I became a indoor cycling instructor at an awesome gym!!! I got a new position in the field I wanted. I am seeing success in my position and I can see the impact I am making on my clients’ businesses.  I’ve learned to cycle better. I’m about to learn scuba diving…thanks to my awesome swim coach!!! I’ve learned to ride a motorcycle; and gone kayaking. Now I am learning how to do internet marketing.  This doesnt’ mean everything is rosy/peach king. Life is not easy for no one! Show me a person who says life is easy, and we will be both laugh at them. Life is easy when you are dead and gone. That’s when life is easy. You have to go for what you want; and the only thing you and I can ever control is our thinking, how react to situations, and how we talk to ourselves and others, which is reflective of how we really talk to ourselves. If you are calling Mary Jane all this and that, then you are really saying that to yourself… (that’s a different blog…I must remain focused) Allow me to make this clear, sometimes the best thing to do…is not to do it. That’s right sometimes, even though I can figure out away to do x  ory…doesn’t mean I always do it. Sometimes, the actions we take can lead us away from our goals. So I strive to balance my actions in alignment with my goals. Sometimes, I get it wrong and have to make course corrections and learn!!! I’m still human and don’t carry a crystal ball. Most of the times I get it rights and the fruits of my labor proves it.

So yeah, with praise in my heart everyday I do this one thing. I ask, “How Do I Make It Happen?”  Whether’s it’s flying home to see my family, buying a new bike, or getting that new position I have, or whatever. I keeps my eyes focused on on that prize. For a little extra kick, I say a quick and humble “Thank you!!”  Or I will say, “I’m so happy and grateful now that…”   Always give thanks to the powers that be. At the end of the day, all you can account for is what you did or did not do. The rest is not and will never be about you! (Another blog) See this is why I wrote about hustling=entrepreneurship.We have to see ourselves as the successes we currently are!  All we are doing it getting to the next level. To get there faster, you may want to start asking yourself, “How Do I Make It Happen?” It’s working for me – maybe it can work for you/and or add to what you are currently doing. Keep me posted!

Wishing you continued success… And share the love!!!



How To Win In Network Marketing – Top 3 Tools That Will Help You To Win

Regardless of whatever network marketing/direct sales program you belong to, you’ve probably have already realized that talking to family/friends may not be working for you. You may also find that just asking co-workers/bowling buddies, people at the park to join your gig is also a challenge. Well, there is another way to win at this thing call network marketing/direct sales. There are 3 top tools out there to help people like you and me – finally get the results we want and win at this game.  Let’s take a look.
  1. Blogging!!!!

    When I started my multi-level marketing ventures, I had no idea what I was doing. I was told to talk to my friends and family first. Talk to everyone I know about the business. Let’s be frank…why would I talk to people about a network marketing business while sipping on cosmos. Not to mention who wants to be that family member that running around the Thanksgiving dinner table talking about their HerbalLife ventures and meetings. Just the thought of it sounds so boring and hideous. People have enough drama in their family without the added support of some get rich thing. Man that’s the wrong attitude to have!!!!!

    Here’s what I’ve discovered now that I’ve decided to combine my passion for group fitness and training with a company like HerbalLife. Every business shouts their name(s) from the mountaintops. Can you name a successful business that does not toot their own horn every chance they get? Can you think of one successful business, even a small local business that does not shout out from the mountaintops about their business and what they can do for folks? Well, I can… all those who are out of business. Let’s be frank, marketing is huge and important. One of the cheapest ways to promote any business, especially network marketing is “blogging!” Dude, Dudeet, blogging gives any business street cred!

    Like totally – yes freaking way. I am just as shocked as you are! Blogging is cheap, in some cases free, and has the potential to reach millions who could completely turn your business and life around in a second. Tell you what. Here’s a challenge go to the website of every company you love…and find the link to their blog. If the big boys/girls are doing blogging, then so must you and I. (This is the best peer pressure.  The one that makes us grow, learn, and become better for it. This ain’t that crazy stuff we all did in 5th grade and get our butts tore up by our parents.) We must tell more than parent(s) about our business. Aren’t we in business to help people to reach their goals?  The next time you drive down the street, notice the business signs you see. How are potential buyers suppose to find the business without a sign? How are your potential customers suppose to find you without a sign (blog?) If you are in any business and you don’t have a blog go get one or several! Write about whatever you want… and watch it change your business!!!!

    Click Here to Learn More About Blogging!!!!

    tool image

  2. Social Media

    Like I said…uhm back in the day, I was not going to talk to my friends and family about my previous network marketing events while we are doing whatever. Like why would I? That was such the wrong attitude and approach, especially when they were talking to me about all of their business drama. Of course me with my masters degree from Webster University I was all to willing to be a sounding board. And I must admit…gave some good suggestions. Hey, Webster gave me a good education.

    Here’s what I’ve recently discovered. Everyone and anyone who is running a successful business use social media. Look at a Amazon!!! They leverage the heck out of social media! Another challenge for you…if you think I am kidding. Open up another internet browser tab and go to your bank’s website. Look for the social media links. Now go to your favorite secret website. Did you notice their social media links? Now go to Amazon’s website and look at their social media. Do you see a pattern?

    I can hear it now…but they have huge operating budgets. So what! Facebook is free for and we can leverage the heck out of it. We can post our blogs to our pages… we can talk about our favorite things…etc. We can do it. We are already doing when we post crap about being at the grocery store with Peggy, Barbara, and Susan who doesn’t like Barbara because she’s got to squeeze the tomatoes every time she in the grocery store. Even our favorite recording artists and movie stars leverage social media. Even the FBI use them!!! So if it’s good enough for them…then why not for you and I?

    If you need help with this stuff…which I did and getting…and now sharing with you, then click the link in the photos. Hell invest in your own success… and make your own dreams come true. Aren’t we worth it?

    Click Here to Learn More About Social Media

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  3. MindSet

    Finally, we must change our mindsets about working for ourselves. As I’ve shared, my attitude towards my network marketing businesses was not on level or point, especially when I look at my performances in my sales career. I’ve produced over 100% of quota for years! That attitude I had toward my network marketing ventures would have never gotten me where I am today, nor the level clients.  In the day to day job I have call customers, set appointments, cold call, talk about what the bank and I can to do make life easier for them.

    My first straight only commission sales job, I walked the streets and passed out flyers for home security systems in neighborhoods that were not friendly to black people! One my biggest home security sales came from a customer who said, “My dog normally barks and growls at colored folks.” Yes, I sold that client almost $500 in extra alarm equipment, while sipping on sweet ice-cold ice tea and playing fetch with their vicious dog in their living room. The key was my mindset. It was all about making their lives easier. How can I show them a level of protection that eases their minds, while being cost effective? It never occurred to me I was in the middle of no-where and it was after 6pm. Nor did it occur to me that I could drive all that way and lose the sale. It just never entered my mind. When I sit down with a customer, all I focus on is helping them win at their game. It is all about mindset. To win at anything your mind has to be right.

    I have read many books on selling… and none of it transferred over to my own network marketing businesses until recently. Now that I’ve got coaching, support, and some help…things are clicking and connecting.  We’ve got to get our mindset from “employee” to “employer” and that takes some doing, training, and coaching. I’ve been in business to business sales long enough to tell you – a lot companies go out of business because they run their company as if they are still an employee. Change your mindset!!!

    Click Here to Learn More About MindSet

    tool image

At the end of the day, we all want to win. We want what we want…and we have to find a way to get it legally. If you want to win at your business, take it to the next level, or learn some better ways to attract clients by levering the power of a blog and social media; then click the links to get some tools that can make a difference for you and your business. The time is going to fly by whether you make a change in this aspect of your life and business… the only question is which side of time do you want to be on.

Little Known Secrets that Will Change the Way You Think About Winning

What would you do if you knew the secrets to winning all the time? What would change you about yourself? How would you use these tools to make your life better? More than likely you are probably thinking…”I don’t know. I’ve always been told winning is for someone else.” Or maybe you are thinking, Earl is this another one of your ‘feel good’ moments. Life is hard and you get knocked downed repeatedly’  Never the less, set aside all of your preconceived notions about winning and ask yourself what would you do if you knew the secrets to winning all the time? Take out a pen, piece of paper (ok for you techies use your memo/note app.)  How would your life change? What’s possible for you? What new goals would you take on? What type of body would you have? How hard would you work if you knew the little known secrets that will change the way you think about winning? Describe your confidence levels? Describe how you act if you were in a business meeting for $1 million dollar deal?  Keep going…take about another 5-10 minutes and then come back to this blog. (I want you to post of your ideas/thoughts in the comment section below.)

You are back! Welcome. How was the exercise? Did you notice anything different about you? Notice any new thoughts or ideas?  Probably a lot o things happened when you did that exercise. First you probably thought…”hell na’ll.” Then you thought, “well, just maybe.” Then it went to…”hmm…this could work.” Probably even started to see something…and if you did “x” then “y.” And you finally got a little bit of a light on the inside…and for just a few minutes you saw something that is possible.  Reality steps in and the light/hope/etc starts to dim…and those feelings of being a loser/not a winner chicken dinner start to show up.

There is away to beat that and change the way you think about winning.

6e67b2836a7fc5ef6505acaa2b2fca311. Create small success on a daily basis. If you turned your reports in on time, that’s a win. If you kept the lights on this month, that’s a win. If you changed the locks on the door and broke up with that no good such an such, yes that’s a win.  Everyday when you do something that moves you towards your goal(s), that’s a win!!!  You keep taking those steps, you will always win at your game!

credit to www.slideshare.net

2. Surround yourself with people who will support and encourage you to win. If you want to loose weight, get around people who will make you drop and give them 20 push ups. Listen whatever your definition of success is, ask yourself who do you know that is working towards that shared vision/goal/or something similar. Find them and get around them.  Yes, that means some of friends will ask to get off of your train. Let them. Not everyone can stay on your success train for ever. Even if you pull them along with you, they won’t stay at your level because they didn’t do the work nor developed the mindset that comes along with that level of success. Go be with the pack you want to run with…and make it happen. Sometimes on the road to winning, you might be alone.


3. Journal and write out your goals!!!!! Notice how you felt when you did the exercise at the beginning of this blog. Do that as many times possible daily. Especially when you feel like victory is a cheap date to a closed burger joint. Now read this slowly and carefully.  Nothing on this planet that you and I use, did not come into existence without a written plan/sketch/drawing/display/model…even the commercials you watch and hear were first written out/drawn on a board.  You’ve learned to write for a reason…use it!   Yes, even the job you currently hold  at the place you don’t like, has a job description, expectations, goals, etc. It’s all in writing…now how are your goals any different. Even the gas you put in your car, has a formula written down somewhere in some scientists’ desk.

4. The final small tip that will change your view about winning is really simple. You must invest in your own personal and professional development. If you aren’t willing to learn from those who came before you, those are doing what you want to do…then you are destined to stay right where you are in a different color jump suit. This goes back to surround yourself with winner. The fastest way to change the shape of your thoughts is to pick up a book on personal development and read it. Attend seminars and training in your chosen venture. The human mind is the biggest battle field in the universe. We can create and destroy  our own castles with a single thought. If you think you can’t you won’t. If you think you can, then you will try. If you think can, then try and learn/grow/develop the odds of winning big time are higher in your favor. No horse has ever won the Kentucky Derby without training and development. No heavy weight fighter has ever won without training and development. No one who has achieved any level of success that is measurable by any society without training and development. Even Mother Teresa had mentors/coaches/training and development. Look at her success…and the impact she made on this planet. I took a course to learn how to do this. And paid good money for it…and the lessons I’m learning about blogging/internet marketing/mlm marketing, etc when put to use will forever improve the value of my life and those around me.

In the end the secret to winning is really simple and easy….take these 4 tips use them. Go create a life and live the life you want. Yeah it’s work…and it will take some time. The time will pass no matter what you do…and the work will be there no matter when you start. It’s best to get started now, so that you can enjoy you the fruits of your labor sooner…and you will have abundance to share with those you love and support you!