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‘Should’ Is For The Dumps

Do you just feel like like your business ‘should’ be this or that? Do you feel like your sponsors, upline, or downline ‘should’ help you to win at your business?  We will talk about the about the power of ‘should.’ I recently learned first hand the power of ‘should.’ I can tell you from firsthand experience, that it is something else. The amount of energy involved was enormous.  If you watch the video, you will discover a few tips that can help you in your business. 




The article I mentioned referencing Hannah Braimer is here – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/hannah-braime/stop-saying-the-word-should_b_4790797.html   This article is good and worth the quick read. She’s dead on point about this, and the information can really help you!!!

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“Being” Broke Sucks – Fix It!

If you are reading this right now, then you probably have been broke, are broke, or know someone who is struggling with being broke.  It sucks to be broke and you cannot pay your bills, buy a nice dinner at McDonald’s or just fill up the gas tank.  It just sucks! Let’s keep it real. Being broke causes thoughts of despair, feelings of failure, desperation, struggle, lack and need.  Even worse, for a lot of people being broke prevents them from reaching their potential and from living their lives freely.  As such, being broke hinders, blocks, impedes upon people from being wealthy. Why – because that’s all they focus on and attract into their lives.

How is this possible?  Like attracts like.  Read that again. Like Attracts Like.  Being broke attracts more experiences of being broke.  Being broke means more than just having little to no money in your bank account. Being broke means, talking “broke”, acting “broke,” thinking “broke,”  everything you do, say, read, etc is from the point of view of “broke.”  Earl Nightingale said, “We become what we think about.”  It’s Law of Attraction 101. 

Here’s the cool thing… you can transform from being “broke” to “wealth” once  you understand the fundamental laws of how our mind and spirit interact with the universe.  See, it is your underlying state of BEING, in this case, being broke, that creates the thoughts and feelings in your mind. All of this creates a “broke” message that is broadcasting out to the universe, which in return gives you more of the same experiences of being broke. It’s like you go to a football game to watch football. You don’t go to a football game to watch hockey. Our minds are the same, if we “watch” broke in our lives, then we  will be and remain broke. Would you rather watch a crappy football game, or an awesome drag out knock out game? Of course, you want to watch the knock out and awesome game. Being broke is you watching a crappy football game. You are responsible for what you watch. So change the channel.

Every universal law that exist all consistently point to one thing, we must BE before we can DO, and DO before we can HAVE. No one ever become rich, successful, or major while focusing on “BE”ing‘ broke.”  Yet, our society only focuses on what those people have and completely ignore all the stuff that person went through to get to where they are.  If those stars, CEO, etc had stayed focused on being broke, they would have never taken any actions to reach their level of success.  They would have not endured and fought the good fight.  Did they have struggles, set backs, upsets, of course. It’s going to happen.  Yet, they stayed focused on who they wanted to “Be” and took action accordingly. You are no different. All of your actions are dictated by whom you are “being.”  Being broke is a powerful message that you are sending to the universe and yourself.  Thus the reason why so many people remain “broke.” If want to “be” rich, then you must “do”  i.e. change your thoughts and beliefs about yourself and money,  learn how to create wealth, before you can “have” what you want. 

It’s a hard pill to swallow, because we all want to believe we are the product of our environment. There are too many people that grew up on streets that are massively successful to prove other wise. Also there too many born into wealth that are just a hot mess, in jail, or broke to prove otherwise. We see them on news just about all the time. We are the product of our thoughts and beliefs. We attract to ourselves everything we believe we deserve, either consciously or unconsciously. As such, your beliefs dictate your actions, while your actions demonstrate your beliefs. A person will never loose weight sitting and staring at skinny people photos to attract a faster metabolism without exercise and diet changes. An online marketer is never going to attract new clients, by sitting and staring at their pretty laptop and visualizing droves of people opting in on their non-existing website.

photo-1445299370299-fba06c02df22If you are financial broke, then the way out is by changing your mindsets and beliefs about yourself and your relationship to money/wealth.  This is a choice we all must make. You can tell the ones that have, because they the money.  The fastest way to do this is, reading books on success. Listen to audio books on success. Look at my blog post “8 Ways To Use The Law Of Attraction To Manifest Faster Results.”

If you are reading this blog post, it is because I made that choice myself. I’ve been down and out before. I know what is like to wonder where your next meal is going to come from. To have your home broken into several times…to watch folks steal your parent’s car…and not sure what to do. The list goes on. The only thing that changed was me and my approach to life and recognizing I have the power to choose to be successful. You must do the same.

If you find yourself broke, look within.  The awareness of this gives you the choice.  You can choose your state of being.  Imagine what it is like to feel wealthy.  Take that feeling and hold it, you are now “BEING” wealthy.  This is how to break the vicious cycle of being broke.  By BEING wealthy, you are now transforming the signals you are broadcasting.  You are emanating wealth and the laws of cause and effect have no choice but to bring to you which you already are.  Now your actions will begin to bring to you the wealth you feel inside. By being conscious of your state of being, you can choose to change them.  The positive results will return to you without fail, following the natural laws of the universe.

If you want to know the books I read during a really touch point in my life check them out here – they made a huge difference. Let me be frank, successful people experience set backs. They just respond and handle them differently to ensure they can come out on top.

John C. Maxwell – Failing Forward

Bob Proctors – Six Minute To Success

Anthony Robbins – Get The Edge

Finally, if you really want to go from “being” broke, then take massive action. Learn how to make money. Learn how to change your mindset and beliefs. Just click the box below,  that says “Why are struggling to build a profitable blog…?” Enter your name and email address and then watch the video. Then follow the steps to sign up. See the key to getting from point A to point B is only by taking actions.  You will never go any where in life, no matter what you believe without actions. So take action now.

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Take care of yourself! Now go and create the life you want!  And share this with others…we all know someone who can use some love!