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These 4 Things Can Make A Huge Difference For Your Internet Business


Let’s just cut to the chase. There are a lot of people out there on the internet promoting their products to teach you and I how to work from home and make money on the internet. Some of the programs promise quick and easy money, while some are promising you the keys to success and the chance to win a used BMW.

In this video, I cover 4 things you should know before you buy any program or start a program.

1. You will and you must spend money on your personal development.
2. You will need to buy additional products and services to help with marketing and driving traffic to your website, convert that traffic into leads, and then a sale.
3. You will go days, weeks, months, maybe even a year or more without sales.
4. You must have staying power and be prepared to stay in this till you win.

Let’s be extra frank, internet marketing is a business and as such it requires an entrepreneurial mind, resources, a marketing plan, etc. The only different between an internet based business and a traditional “brick and mortar” is a building. Both businesses have similar challenges, just handled slightly differently.

This list is not comprehensive, I am sure I will revise it as time goes on. For now, this is what I know and I want to share it with you. In the end, I am still convinced, that internet marketing is awesome and a great way to create the life of your dreams. You just need to go into it with your eyes wide open.


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3 Major Blocks To Manifesting Your Success

If you ever found yourself wonder why “success” just slips through your fingers, then you should keep reading.  Success is something that we all want. It comes in a lot of different shapes and sizes. Yet, it eludes most of people because there’s things in their way.  This is a huge topic as there are numerous reasons as to why you fight and struggle to reach your definition of success. So we will take this in chucks.

1.  Let’s start with this simple reason. What Is Your Definition Of Success?   Can you answer the question? Most of the people reading this blog have no idea of what success looks like. They can tell you want it is not, however they can’t tell you what it is. People can tell you about what they don’t want, how they don’t want it red, or they don’t want to have to work really hard. Yet, they can’t tell you what is their definition of success.  Therefore, by default, people always get exactly what their definition is not. Let’s read that again. Since you can’t tell the Universe, Source, God what success is for you, then by default you get what it is not for you.  So if it’s not red, white, and blue, that’s all you get because that’s all you are focused on. We always get what we focus on!!!  This is basic law of attraction 101/201/301.

The fastest way to fix this is to define for success for yourself. It can be anything….an extra $1000 per month, or 200% of your sales goal, or $500 extra per month, or living in a 2 bedroom apartment with 1 roommate. It can be whatever you want. You have to say what it is instead. How do I know this? Just look at the world around you. Go outside, take a walk and just notice nature. See all the vegetation growing. See the life around you and it’s all focused on one thing. Being successful and abundant. Animals move towards food sources. Plants bends towards light sources. Even our DNA is very specific about what color, shape, size, etc we are. We must do the same. How frustrated do you get when people are wishy/washy with you over what’s for dinner.photo-1453974336165-b5c58464f1ed

So pull out a pen/pencil and paper and answer these questions:

1. How much money do you want to make a year?   (150k, 300k, 48k, 65k?)

2. What kind of car do you want?

3. What kind of business/job/career do you want?  (Nurse, lawyer, multi-level marketer, educator, EMT, military) (Success is so different for everyone.)

4. How much do you want to travel in the year? 

5. How much do you want in savings?

6. What kind of home do you want or apartment do you want to rent?

7. What kind of education do you want to give your kids?

8. How much do you want to give to your church, favorite charity, etc?

9. How many days a week do you want to work out with your personal trainer?

10. How many educational/personal development training programs do you want to attend?

11. How much money do you want in savings?

Now these questions will start to get the juices pumping and flowing.I think you are starting to get the picture.  A very good book that I read that got me to change my thinking about success and what it means for me was  “You Were Born Rich” by Bob Proctor.  It’s a damn good book and if you read it and go through the exercises you will realize that you can have your definition of success. Here’s a secret. It takes the same amount of energy to focus on what you want, as it does to focus on what you don’t want.  So know what you want – focus on it – and of course take action(s) to get it!!!! The law of attraction can only give what you focus on – positive or negative.

2. Failure to take full responsibility for themselves and their actions. Now maybe you know what you want. Maybe you’ve takephoto-1442473483905-95eb436675f1n some actions to get it. It didn’t work out.  Whom do you blame?  If you say anything other than yourself, I invite you to consider you are the source of the problem.  Look… if you are in Amway and 100’s of people are making their mortgage payment with the business and you aren’t, then it is not the company.  If you are in sales with a bank and 50% of the sales force is over 100% of quota and you are at 60%…is it the bank or the products that’s the problem?   The common denominator is YOU!  You’ve to always take responsibility for you and yourself alone. No matter what’s going on around you. No matter how many are not winning, getting ahead, or producing results, you can only account for yourself and your actions. It doesn’t matter if your company has a crappy website. It doesn’t matter if your up-line doesn’t hold team hang out or training webinars.  You shouldn’t care if the teacher is crappy and can’t spell “I” on the board.  You’ve got to pass that class to graduate and get that degree. All you must care about is “taking full responsibility” of your actions and your results.  This is the second biggest reason why “success” just eludes people. They fail to be responsible for their actions, their results, their work… and they blame everyone and everything. We’ve all done it and seen it done.  So remind yourself and be responsible for your power by reminding yourself of these 5 things:

1. I am always responsible for everything that happens in my world.

2. I am always responsible for my results. Yes I can ask for help and support, read books, attend seminars, take my mentors/managers on sales calls…in the end it’s all about me.

3. It’s always about me. No one cares what Jack, Jane, and Bob did or did not do. They only care about what I did, how I responded, and overcame any particular situation.

4. It’s always about me!!!  Listen, I had to learn the hard way…the God I serve will only ask me about what I did and how did I make life better on planet Earth. How did I use the talents He gave me?  How did I treat the sick, homeless,  and the poor? How did I help my brothers/sisters in need? He’s not going to ask me about Steve Harvey and his success. He’s only concerned with “What did Earl do?”  He will deal with Steve Harvey directly.

5. The biggest take away – it keeps the power focused on me. When you blame others for your mishaps etc…you give away more than your self-power, you give away your “control”  over your ability to create your life to the fullest of your definition of success.    It doesn’t mean you will not have troubles, set backs, people quitting on  you, etc. It just means that you must focus on what you can control which is: yourself, your emotions, your integrity, your actions, and your being.  That’s best you can do in any situation. When you start to blame someone else for anything about you… what you “can’t do, shouldn’t do, won’t do.” Just stop and say, “It’s about me. I’m an adult. How do I make this work?”

Never forget it’s all always about you, because you are the only piece of the puzzle you can move and control.

3. Final piece of the puzzle on success…is just the failure to action. No one has ever raised money for any charity without asking for donations. No one has ever made a cake without getting the ingredients, mixing them, and putting them in the oven. No one has ran a marathon while sitting on the couch. No one has passed any educational program without attending the course either online or in person.  You can’t drive a car without starting the engine. Action, action, action, action. You can’t claim to be in touch and or believe in the law of attraction without taking inspired action!!!! Action!!!  Lack of action to achieve a goal is failure in action.   People get so stuck on “I don’t what to do first.” “I can’t talk to my up-line.” People come up with excuse after excuse as to why they can’t take action to reach their goals.  We’ve all done it. The fastest way to get over this is so simple, but we all just don’t want to do.photo-1452626038306-9aae5e071dd3

1. Take action!

2. Take small action steps?

3. Set a date and time by when you will take action?

4. Take action!!!!

Some think their actions have to be big and huge. Listen…no one that you and I consider to be successful got there over night. Anthony Robbins, Louise Hay, even Eckhart Tolle  all had their small starts and setbacks, etc.  My nephews didn’t come out of their moms walking and talking (although I swear they did.)  I want you to think about to your first driving lesson. What actions did you take to learn how to drive? How did you get your parents to help you learn?  What did you have change about your belief in your abilities to drive?  So it doesn’t matter if you want do Herbal Life or Amway, or internet affiliate marketing, or sale home pregnancy test door to door. It all requires actions to get started and build. So get started right where you are…do what you know to do. Look at the results and make corrections as required. Get a coach/mentor…to help shorten your learning curve so that you can take actions faster and adjust quicker.

These are just 3 quick reasons as to why success seems so distant for folks. There are more and we will discuss them. For now let’s focus on these for these they are the foundation. If you don’t have faith in yourself, you won’t take action. If you aren’t taking actions chances are you are blaming something/someone for your failure or inability to win, which means that you aren’t taking responsibility for yourself and your dreams, which probably means you don’t know what you want. If you knew what you want, then you would not let anyone get in your way.  It’s no different than going to store to buy your favorite after a hard day at the job snack. You let nothing stop you from that… or put gas in your car.  It’s no different when your kid needs to get to the doctor – you move heaven and hell to make it happen. Bring that energy and drive to your goals…and watch them manifest right before your eyes.

Take care!

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How To Give Life To Your Goals In 3 Steps

I’ve been struggling writing the introduction to this blog for a while. Simply because I want it to hit home and add a lot of value to every reader. It’s my goal to ensure that every time you or someone reads my blog post, they get a something that can help them get to their next level. I don’t care if the reader is in direct sales, network marketing, multi-level marketing, internet marketing, consulting, or a bowling coach. My written goal is that everyone gets value from my blog posts – and make a difference for them.  So when I think about that goal, I find myself wondering…”How many people reading this struggle to keep their goals alive and strong?”  See one of things I have learned from personal/professional development is not just goal setting and having them. Your goals have to life!

  1. Write Them Down With Real Pen/Pencil and Paper

    That’s right. It’s really that simple. If you write down your goals on real paper with a real pencil you give your goals life. “They’re alive!” There’s power in writing your goals down. In the 1970’s there was some Harvard students studied to determine how they achieved their success compared to the other 97% students. Turns out those 3% had actually written down their goals and created a plan to achieve those goals, while the other 97% did not.  Of that 97%, 13% had goals however they did not have the goals on paper. This was published by Mark H. McCormack in book  “What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School: Notes from a Street-Smart Executive.”

    Yes that was in the 70’s, but let’s look at where you work in 2016. Your full/part time job has written performance goals for you. If you are in a call center employee, your company set a goal for you to make/receive a certain number of calls per hour, with a certain number of cross sales, up sells, etc. If you work in retail you have a sales per hour. If you work for a bank you have quarterly goals for new checking account balances, new loan volumes, credit cards, etc. Even if you are teller at the bank you are expected to refer a certain number of clients/cross sales to your personal bankers. Everything at your job has a measured result/goal. What happens if you don’t hit or exceed the goals? Exactly you’ve promoted yourself to the position of “customer.” In all cases your full/part time job ask you to sign and agree to the goals, to prove you were made aware of them. So if your job gives you “work goals” and will hold you accountable for them, because they are written down and you signed your name stating your know them, received them… don’t you think you should do the same for yourself in your business endeavor? 

    I can tell you from personal experience, there’s magic/powers/etc in writing stuff on actual paper. My personal experience has proven to me that writing down my goals is probably one of the most effective tools in the success tool box! I’ve had my share of suffering and set backs. Yet, when I get out that $1.00 composite note book and pen, and start to write out what I want and why – things change, you take new actions, you start to see things in a different color of life. If you have goals and you don’t have them on paper, I challenge you to go write them down.


  2. Write The Who, What, When, Where, and Why Your Of Your Goals

    If you are still reading that means you are getting value, which is awesome. Please share this with your friends it may help them on their journey.

    So when you write your goals write them in away that’s alive. Write them as measurable events. It’s not enough to say I want to make $100,000. You’ve got to be specific and detailed as possible. Your job’s goals are specific as possible, shouldn’t yours be as well? So let me give you an example: I (Who) will make $100,000 (what) by Dec 31, 2016, (when) from selling HerbalLife (put your products/services) products and services on the internet (where) to help people lose weight. (Why) It looks more like this: [fancy_box id=1]”I will make $100,000.00 by 12/31/2016 from selling HerbalLife Products and Services via the internet. I will help people to be in the best possible shape of their lives.”[/fancy_box]

    Another way to write them is and this is how I write mines: “I (who) am so happy and grateful now (when) that, I make $100,000 (what) from internet (where) sales of my EmpowerNetwork Products and Services, to help people achieve their definition of financial freedom. (why)”   [fancy_box id=1]”I am so happy grateful, now that I make $100,000 from internet sales of my Empower Network products and services to help people to achieve their definition of financial freedom.”[/fancy_box]

    I learned it from Bob Proctor’s book, “You Were Born Rich.”   It’s a great book and you must read it. This way resonates with me because of the “now” factor. This then tells your subconscious mind to search for ways to make this happen. It also acts as an affirmation as well, which helps you to change your beliefs around your ability to achieve that goal. This also gives gratitude for what you’ve accomplished in the future as well – making it an ultra goal. By combing all the “forces” you just give your goals life on major juice…and we all focus on the juice to keep it flowing.

  3. Put Your Goals Where You Can See Them Regularly

    Just as the subtitle said. Once you’ve figure out what you want, you’ve written them down, then put them some where you will see them. On your bedroom ceiling. On the door to your bedroom, or kitchen, or refrigerator, or kitchen cabinets. You can cut out picture of what your completed/accomplished goal looks like and post those on your walls/mirrors/car/phone background etc. You can create a vision board. John Assaraf, author, entrepreneur, co-stared on the hit show the The Secret” is huge on these. In the movie The Secret, he shared that he was sitting in the house he had on his board several years ago. Check it out!!!

    Once you have written down your goals, you can then use the calendar function on your smart phone to remind you to review your goals. You can put them on 3×5 cards and put them in your car. You can take a photo and save it as a background on your phone. This I know for sure, you’ve got to keep them in front of you as much as possible. Let’s be real. We’ve got a lot of stuff coming towards us and it’s very demanding of our attention. As you review them, you will start to believe in them and make them happen. I’ve accomplished a lot of my goals and right now – you reading this is one them.  If have other ideas on how to keep your goals in front of you, please share down below!

    So there are my 3 steps to give your goals life and keep them strong.

    1. Write them down on pen and paper.

    2. Write them in a manner that address the “who, what, when, where, and why.”

    3. Review them regularly – either post them on the door, counter, freezer, mirror, on the ceiling, on your car’s dashboard, on your phone.

    Do you have some that I missed? Please share them below.

    Did you get value from this post? I LIVE for your feedback. Please drop me a line down in the comment section.

    Take care!








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A Role on the Concrete – 5 Things I’ve Learned From Falling Off My Bike

What would you do if you were on a 545 mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles California? Of course you would have a blast, make great friends, and take lots of photos. Imagine you are coasting along and in your zone. You are singing one of your favorite songs, like Adele “Rolling In the Deep.” You are at mile 62 of 109, about to make a left turn. Mind you, it’s been raining and the roads are wet. You’ve ridden in the snow and rain before, you’ve got this. As you lean to make that left turn, all of sudden the $3000 bike you own slides one way, and you continue to slide through the intersection…as you are about to hit that note…”rolling in the deep..” Your fall was so graceful you got the attention of a fire truck crew that was 1 mile away. What would you do?

It was my first AIDS LifeCycle in 2011 and here’s what I did. I stopped singing and was like… Oh *&(& did I ruin my new bike shorts and my bike. Yes, that was me. Just minding my own business, singing my little heart out. Just enjoying being one with the strawberry fields, waving at the people who makes it possible for me to enjoy them at my local grocer. It was blissful. Then I fell…and got shipped off to some ER room in some part of California, that to this day I know nothing about. (I did pay the bill owed as they were not part of my network.) This was small rural town America. This is happened in a place where my $3000 bike is a huge luxury and I had no idea where I was. The only thing I knew I was alive, I had very little cell phone battery left (since then I have several battery packs I take with me on long trips) and my mother was thousands of miles away.

Needless to say, I was not in the mood to be cute and civil. Yet, in the end that crash taught me some things about me, that to this day… I look back on that crash and go “who would have ever thought.” I still have the battle scars. Battle because it was “me against me”  in the tango Maurine.

  1. It’s not what happens, but how you respond to what happens that really matters. Yes, it sound very corny and freakish. It’s a powerful truth. I can’t control the weather. I can’t control the people driving the cars, or if the roads are smooth, or if Patti LaBelle releases a new album. What I can control is how I respond and process the situation. We can either choose to find the light and make a bee line for it, or stay in the shadows. It wasn’t easy, but this Caroline went towards the light. I’m so glad I did…as everyone was trying their hardest to take care of me. The faster I got to the light the easier it was for people to come in and what they do best – love them some Earl. Keep it cool…and watch how you respond to things.
  2. The power of community is huge and so powerful. It would take a nuclear bomb to stop the power of a combined community. Something magical happens when people come together for a common goal. When people found out what happened they wanted to do something, they wanted to make sure I was okay. People offered what they could from a hug, to helping with my tent, to carrying my bags, etc…just to give my body some time to heal.  Life is so much easier to deal with when you have the power of a community behind you. No one is a success all by themselves. Try ordering a combo number 4 at McDonald and the place is closed. We can only do so much by ourselves!!!11053418_935484953163511_489456602701135385_n
  3. Once you are apart of a community, you’ve got to let people do their part.  Man, I am telling you it was hard for me to let people help me. Yes, everyone was loving and so forth…but I was like. “I am grown. I got this.” I was only fooling myself and blocking my blessings.  One the nurses just wasn’t having it. She saw right through me. That pretty lady looked me in the face, and said…”stop being a bitch and let people be there for you.” We laughed..and she was right. It was a hard pill to swallow…as I was so independent. I’m still independent, now I just have “Team Earl. I’ve gotten more things accomplished simply by allowing people the be there for me. Let people love you and be there for you. For some stupid reason we bite the hand that is trying to feed us. Stop it!!! Get feed and go take a nap.
  4. Find the good, it is always there!! Since I couldn’t ride the on day 3, I was on the bus headed to the next camp site. While on that bus, I met a mom and her daughter…they were amazing people with big lives. They flew from Germany to make sure we cyclist had what we needed. I was just moved and touched by their love and generosity. I even met a young man who started The Stigma Project. His story was amazing. Checkout their Facebook page and learn more about them. Chris’ story really helped me to see their is always good in everything. Yeah there’s pain and suffering; and when peel back the onion layers, there’s the good right in the center. His story moved me. I found the good in my fall, the situation, some other things in my world prior to the ride, etc. It was like the shades on the window just fell off, and the light came in and gave the room life.
  5. Finally after connecting and talking with folks, going through the whole emotional roller coaster it finally hit me like a brick. We get to chose how  we will play the hand we are dealt with. In card games, (Uno, Spades, Poker, etc) you get a good hand and sometimes bad hand. Either way you play to win. (Now granted some folks aren’t good card players… they do the best they can. We all do.)  The way the card hand looked to me, I played the Ace when I fell. It could have been a lot worse. Then I played a few spades and got a few books.  In the end it doesn’t matter. Why, because I stayed in the game and played to win. I got back on the bike on day 4, 5, 6, and 7.  I won the card game. Not only that I’ve been back a few more times!11119432_10205967798609193_5226776820701719437_n

This blog was about the lessons I’ve learned from either a movie, friends (way too many lessons there) event, etc. I chose this one because I still carry the battle wounds as a constant reminder that I am in more control over my actions, thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc…and that I must allow people to be there for me…and more importantly play to win. A lot has changed since that fall in 2011. I’ve worked with personal coaches, learned how to ride a motorcycle, started blogging, got back into the game of network marketing, went a few dates, hell I’ve even signed up for scuba diving lessons.  Plus I am now a group fitness instructor, and I volunteer for AIDS LifeCycle as a training ride leaders. Finally, my cycling has gotten so much better and stronger. One could say, “he’s played his cards well.”

Take care!

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How To Win In Network Marketing – Top 3 Tools That Will Help You To Win

Regardless of whatever network marketing/direct sales program you belong to, you’ve probably have already realized that talking to family/friends may not be working for you. You may also find that just asking co-workers/bowling buddies, people at the park to join your gig is also a challenge. Well, there is another way to win at this thing call network marketing/direct sales. There are 3 top tools out there to help people like you and me – finally get the results we want and win at this game.  Let’s take a look.
  1. Blogging!!!!

    When I started my multi-level marketing ventures, I had no idea what I was doing. I was told to talk to my friends and family first. Talk to everyone I know about the business. Let’s be frank…why would I talk to people about a network marketing business while sipping on cosmos. Not to mention who wants to be that family member that running around the Thanksgiving dinner table talking about their HerbalLife ventures and meetings. Just the thought of it sounds so boring and hideous. People have enough drama in their family without the added support of some get rich thing. Man that’s the wrong attitude to have!!!!!

    Here’s what I’ve discovered now that I’ve decided to combine my passion for group fitness and training with a company like HerbalLife. Every business shouts their name(s) from the mountaintops. Can you name a successful business that does not toot their own horn every chance they get? Can you think of one successful business, even a small local business that does not shout out from the mountaintops about their business and what they can do for folks? Well, I can… all those who are out of business. Let’s be frank, marketing is huge and important. One of the cheapest ways to promote any business, especially network marketing is “blogging!” Dude, Dudeet, blogging gives any business street cred!

    Like totally – yes freaking way. I am just as shocked as you are! Blogging is cheap, in some cases free, and has the potential to reach millions who could completely turn your business and life around in a second. Tell you what. Here’s a challenge go to the website of every company you love…and find the link to their blog. If the big boys/girls are doing blogging, then so must you and I. (This is the best peer pressure.  The one that makes us grow, learn, and become better for it. This ain’t that crazy stuff we all did in 5th grade and get our butts tore up by our parents.) We must tell more than parent(s) about our business. Aren’t we in business to help people to reach their goals?  The next time you drive down the street, notice the business signs you see. How are potential buyers suppose to find the business without a sign? How are your potential customers suppose to find you without a sign (blog?) If you are in any business and you don’t have a blog go get one or several! Write about whatever you want… and watch it change your business!!!!

    Click Here to Learn More About Blogging!!!!

    tool image

  2. Social Media

    Like I said…uhm back in the day, I was not going to talk to my friends and family about my previous network marketing events while we are doing whatever. Like why would I? That was such the wrong attitude and approach, especially when they were talking to me about all of their business drama. Of course me with my masters degree from Webster University I was all to willing to be a sounding board. And I must admit…gave some good suggestions. Hey, Webster gave me a good education.

    Here’s what I’ve recently discovered. Everyone and anyone who is running a successful business use social media. Look at a Amazon!!! They leverage the heck out of social media! Another challenge for you…if you think I am kidding. Open up another internet browser tab and go to your bank’s website. Look for the social media links. Now go to your favorite secret website. Did you notice their social media links? Now go to Amazon’s website and look at their social media. Do you see a pattern?

    I can hear it now…but they have huge operating budgets. So what! Facebook is free for and we can leverage the heck out of it. We can post our blogs to our pages… we can talk about our favorite things…etc. We can do it. We are already doing when we post crap about being at the grocery store with Peggy, Barbara, and Susan who doesn’t like Barbara because she’s got to squeeze the tomatoes every time she in the grocery store. Even our favorite recording artists and movie stars leverage social media. Even the FBI use them!!! So if it’s good enough for them…then why not for you and I?

    If you need help with this stuff…which I did and getting…and now sharing with you, then click the link in the photos. Hell invest in your own success… and make your own dreams come true. Aren’t we worth it?

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  3. MindSet

    Finally, we must change our mindsets about working for ourselves. As I’ve shared, my attitude towards my network marketing businesses was not on level or point, especially when I look at my performances in my sales career. I’ve produced over 100% of quota for years! That attitude I had toward my network marketing ventures would have never gotten me where I am today, nor the level clients.  In the day to day job I have call customers, set appointments, cold call, talk about what the bank and I can to do make life easier for them.

    My first straight only commission sales job, I walked the streets and passed out flyers for home security systems in neighborhoods that were not friendly to black people! One my biggest home security sales came from a customer who said, “My dog normally barks and growls at colored folks.” Yes, I sold that client almost $500 in extra alarm equipment, while sipping on sweet ice-cold ice tea and playing fetch with their vicious dog in their living room. The key was my mindset. It was all about making their lives easier. How can I show them a level of protection that eases their minds, while being cost effective? It never occurred to me I was in the middle of no-where and it was after 6pm. Nor did it occur to me that I could drive all that way and lose the sale. It just never entered my mind. When I sit down with a customer, all I focus on is helping them win at their game. It is all about mindset. To win at anything your mind has to be right.

    I have read many books on selling… and none of it transferred over to my own network marketing businesses until recently. Now that I’ve got coaching, support, and some help…things are clicking and connecting.  We’ve got to get our mindset from “employee” to “employer” and that takes some doing, training, and coaching. I’ve been in business to business sales long enough to tell you – a lot companies go out of business because they run their company as if they are still an employee. Change your mindset!!!

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At the end of the day, we all want to win. We want what we want…and we have to find a way to get it legally. If you want to win at your business, take it to the next level, or learn some better ways to attract clients by levering the power of a blog and social media; then click the links to get some tools that can make a difference for you and your business. The time is going to fly by whether you make a change in this aspect of your life and business… the only question is which side of time do you want to be on.

Little Known Secrets that Will Change the Way You Think About Winning

What would you do if you knew the secrets to winning all the time? What would change you about yourself? How would you use these tools to make your life better? More than likely you are probably thinking…”I don’t know. I’ve always been told winning is for someone else.” Or maybe you are thinking, Earl is this another one of your ‘feel good’ moments. Life is hard and you get knocked downed repeatedly’  Never the less, set aside all of your preconceived notions about winning and ask yourself what would you do if you knew the secrets to winning all the time? Take out a pen, piece of paper (ok for you techies use your memo/note app.)  How would your life change? What’s possible for you? What new goals would you take on? What type of body would you have? How hard would you work if you knew the little known secrets that will change the way you think about winning? Describe your confidence levels? Describe how you act if you were in a business meeting for $1 million dollar deal?  Keep going…take about another 5-10 minutes and then come back to this blog. (I want you to post of your ideas/thoughts in the comment section below.)

You are back! Welcome. How was the exercise? Did you notice anything different about you? Notice any new thoughts or ideas?  Probably a lot o things happened when you did that exercise. First you probably thought…”hell na’ll.” Then you thought, “well, just maybe.” Then it went to…”hmm…this could work.” Probably even started to see something…and if you did “x” then “y.” And you finally got a little bit of a light on the inside…and for just a few minutes you saw something that is possible.  Reality steps in and the light/hope/etc starts to dim…and those feelings of being a loser/not a winner chicken dinner start to show up.

There is away to beat that and change the way you think about winning.

6e67b2836a7fc5ef6505acaa2b2fca311. Create small success on a daily basis. If you turned your reports in on time, that’s a win. If you kept the lights on this month, that’s a win. If you changed the locks on the door and broke up with that no good such an such, yes that’s a win.  Everyday when you do something that moves you towards your goal(s), that’s a win!!!  You keep taking those steps, you will always win at your game!

credit to www.slideshare.net

2. Surround yourself with people who will support and encourage you to win. If you want to loose weight, get around people who will make you drop and give them 20 push ups. Listen whatever your definition of success is, ask yourself who do you know that is working towards that shared vision/goal/or something similar. Find them and get around them.  Yes, that means some of friends will ask to get off of your train. Let them. Not everyone can stay on your success train for ever. Even if you pull them along with you, they won’t stay at your level because they didn’t do the work nor developed the mindset that comes along with that level of success. Go be with the pack you want to run with…and make it happen. Sometimes on the road to winning, you might be alone.


3. Journal and write out your goals!!!!! Notice how you felt when you did the exercise at the beginning of this blog. Do that as many times possible daily. Especially when you feel like victory is a cheap date to a closed burger joint. Now read this slowly and carefully.  Nothing on this planet that you and I use, did not come into existence without a written plan/sketch/drawing/display/model…even the commercials you watch and hear were first written out/drawn on a board.  You’ve learned to write for a reason…use it!   Yes, even the job you currently hold  at the place you don’t like, has a job description, expectations, goals, etc. It’s all in writing…now how are your goals any different. Even the gas you put in your car, has a formula written down somewhere in some scientists’ desk.

4. The final small tip that will change your view about winning is really simple. You must invest in your own personal and professional development. If you aren’t willing to learn from those who came before you, those are doing what you want to do…then you are destined to stay right where you are in a different color jump suit. This goes back to surround yourself with winner. The fastest way to change the shape of your thoughts is to pick up a book on personal development and read it. Attend seminars and training in your chosen venture. The human mind is the biggest battle field in the universe. We can create and destroy  our own castles with a single thought. If you think you can’t you won’t. If you think you can, then you will try. If you think can, then try and learn/grow/develop the odds of winning big time are higher in your favor. No horse has ever won the Kentucky Derby without training and development. No heavy weight fighter has ever won without training and development. No one who has achieved any level of success that is measurable by any society without training and development. Even Mother Teresa had mentors/coaches/training and development. Look at her success…and the impact she made on this planet. I took a course to learn how to do this. And paid good money for it…and the lessons I’m learning about blogging/internet marketing/mlm marketing, etc when put to use will forever improve the value of my life and those around me.

In the end the secret to winning is really simple and easy….take these 4 tips use them. Go create a life and live the life you want. Yeah it’s work…and it will take some time. The time will pass no matter what you do…and the work will be there no matter when you start. It’s best to get started now, so that you can enjoy you the fruits of your labor sooner…and you will have abundance to share with those you love and support you!


2 Videos That Will Inspire You To Make a Change

How do you make an impact on the people around you? What does your impact on those around you produce? Does your impact produce negative or positive results? Watch this video and be inspired.
  1. Make An Impact – Inspirational Video

    Step back and ask yourself. When your friends told you about their new venture, did you encourage them to go for it…or did you try to talk them out of it? When your mom’s said she was going for a new job, did you explore what it meant to her… or did you tune her out and call her crazy by your silence and words? We all make a huge impact on the people around us. At work, at the gym, on the road, at the grocery store. It’s in our nature… and we must recognize the level and type of impact we make on people. When we are about to cross over to the other side, do we want to remember all the money we made… or the fancy cars… or do we want to remember the people who’s lives we’ve touched and inspired to their greatness. You and I get to be someone who can make this world a little better, simply because we recognize our ability to positively impact the lives of those around us. Or we can be negative ‘Debbie Downers’ and have a negative impact…one that destroys and binds people to a life of misery. The choice is ours. Chose wisely…the impact you want to have on those around you.
  2. Be The Change – Inspirational Video

    This is another one that moves me. It’s a constant reminder that I don’t have to know everything to make a difference for someone on this planet. I can the best I can…right where I am…to make a positive impact on the lives of those around me. sometimes, the best thing to do is simply acknowledge a person for being alive. Smile at people when you say hello. Offer to buy a homeless person a meal. We don’t need to be millionaires to make a difference. We just need to be alive…and be the change. Yeah it’s nice if you got millions, but what if you don’t? Do you really want to wait till you have it all, just to help a person at food pantry? To become the force of change you want to see in the world, it must start with you. You see the need. You are in the thick of it everyday. Not your boss, our local elected officials. Only you. You can make a difference right where you are… and who knows where that action will take you and the size of the impact it will have on the live(s) of those you’ve touched. What we know for sure is that you became the change you wanted to see…and you took action. And that’s something to celebrate!