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How To See Yourself As A Success – Success is the Pursuit of Goals

How do you define success? Do you base it on the number of toys you have? Or do you base success on how you are doing compared to others?

In this video we explore success from a different point of view, that inspires, empowers, and requires us all to see ourselves differently. In his training program, The New Psychology of Achievement, Brian Tracy explores success from a different point view. Let’s have a high level of discussion on this topic.


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Why You Are Already A Success?

We each have our own definition of what success is or is not. Yet, mostly all of us think success is related to money, a big house, car, clothes…etc. Over time, I’ve come to realize that success is “whatever the hell” I want to it be. Listen, if I let my wins/failures define me as successful or not, then I would be surely depressed. Instead, I’ve chosen to learn from them, make adjustments, and keep it moving.  So let’s take a new look at success…a look that I believe that will empower instead of tearing folks down because they don’t make 100k, 1 million, 1 billion per year.

Watch this video – You Are A Success.


Earl Nightingale said, “Success is the pursuit of a worthy idea.” When we start to look at success as it relates to the “journey,” which we must all take to reach our goals, then we start see, take ownership of the wins/loses/setbacks along the way. We have to take ownership of who we become as we move towards our goals. We start to make course changes and adjustments a lot easier. We then realize that the obtainment of that goal is just is the just manifestation of all of our hard work along the way. The achievement of the goal is just feedback of our successful journey.  From this point of view, we then focus on the daily routines, commitment, actions that we all must take. This is where we can draw strength, have faith, hope, and courage…for we all know deep down inside that we have to go for it.

Know if you are on the path towards the accomplishment of your goals, doing the daily activities it takes to reach that/those goal(s), then you are successful. It’s just a matter of time when you will see the results of your labor of love.

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The 6 Reasons Why People Are Struggling With Their Goals


We all have a lot going on. In addition, with everything that happens around us, it is a challenge to stay focus on and reach our goals. With the six reasons listed as to why people don’t reach their goals, I’ve included a quick fix for each them. Time is of the essences, so let’s begin.

1. They Don’t Write Them Down. I wrote a blog post about this. You and I must write down our goals with a pen and piece of paper. Notice I said pen and paper instead of texting your goals to your friends or using some electronic note system.  Write them down.

Quick Fix: Go to store get a notebook/journal/paper and a pen and write out down what you want to do.  Spend a few minutes a day to do this. If your goal is to lose 5, 10, 15 pound write it down. If your goal is to make $100,000 in affiliate marketing sales, then write it down. If your goal is to become a 215 average league bowler, then write it down. It doesn’t matter what the goal is, just give it life by writing it down.

2. Their Goals Are To Vague. A goal of being rich is way to vague. Having an $5 bucks is richer than you were before that $5 bucks.  Losing weight is a great goal, but you’ve got to be specific. So be specific. The goal must be measurable, realistic, achievable, and have a time line. Without these 4 elements you have just a thought.

Quick Fix: Write your goals so that they are as specific as possible. For example, “I will lose 10 pounds by 03/31/2016.”  “I will make $10,000 by 4/01/2016.”

3. Their Goals Lack A “Why.” All goals have to have a “why”/ a purpose. Let’s be frank it’s a special challenge to change your life and achieve a goal. So you’ve got to know why you want to do it, so that you can stick with it! So why do you want it? What will it do for you? How will it make you better, stronger, faster?

Quick Fix: When are writing out your goals: specific, measurable, achievable, and realist, ask yourself “How will this make my life/world better?” Dare to explore and let your go. Write it down. How would you feel when you lose that 10 pounds? What would you do differently now that the 10 pounds are gone? You have an imagination, use it and make your goals achievement as vivid as possible.

4. They Don’t Take Self-Responsibility. There are no guarantees in life. With all the best plans, statics, technology, insurance policies, etc when you step out to make it happen something could go wrong. Let’s be real things go astray. Sometimes things happen that are just out of your control.

Quick Fix:  Just own up to it. It’s always all about you. It doesn’t matter if your boss kept you late or the weather was bad. The fact of the matter is that these are your goals/dreams. When you shift the blame to other things/events/people, you rob yourself of the ability to learn and grow.

5. They Don’t Believe They Will Succeed.  Let’s just real here. If you don’t believe the goal is obtainable and you can do the thing, you will never hit it. It does not matter if the goal is to go on a date with a hot person. If you believe it will not happen, then you will never take the required actions, in the required frame of mind, to go on that date. You have to believe in the goal, yourself, and let nothing stand in your way. When put belief behind anything it creates a new life of its own.

Quick Fix: Write your goal down. Keep it in front of you. Read it before you get out of bed in the morning and before you go to sleep. Hire a coach/mentor and study the subject of the goal. If your goal is to be an internet marketer, then learn and continue to learn about internet marketing. Attend workshops on the subject matter. Learn all that you can put that into practice, and learn some more and put that into practice. Then eliminate anything and everything from your world that is negative and tells you that you can’t win i.e.: television, negative friends, people who laugh at your goals, people who don’t and refuse to support you. Just get rid of anything that is a drain. Learn, take action, and win!

6. They Do not Take Action(s). Most people go through the process of writing a goal and the whole nine yards, and fail to take action(s). A goal without actions is just an idea on a piece of paper. Action(s) is/are always required for anything that exist on the planet. Even to get gas in the your car, requires actions: start the car, drive the car, fight with traffic, get tot the gas station, pull next to gas pump, stop the car… do you get the point. There is nothing on this planet that was created or created without actions of some kind…either chemically or physically.

Quick Fix: Plan out the actions required to achieve the goal as best you can. Take the goal and break the action steps required into small steps and put a date by when the goal must be completed. Breaking your plan into small steps brings the “elephant” down to a more manageable size. That old saying “one step at a time” is real and can help you to win!

At the end of the day, you only get 1 second to live your best life. The achievement of any of your goals represents the maximization of that 1 second. We do not have long on this planet to create our world and enjoy it.  So make the most of it.

Do you have anything to add? What do you think are the reasons why people don’t reach their goals and what are your thought about the 6 reasons we have listed here. Feel free to give your own effective quick fixes for the different reasons in the comments section below.

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How To Give Life To Your Goals In 3 Steps

I’ve been struggling writing the introduction to this blog for a while. Simply because I want it to hit home and add a lot of value to every reader. It’s my goal to ensure that every time you or someone reads my blog post, they get a something that can help them get to their next level. I don’t care if the reader is in direct sales, network marketing, multi-level marketing, internet marketing, consulting, or a bowling coach. My written goal is that everyone gets value from my blog posts – and make a difference for them.  So when I think about that goal, I find myself wondering…”How many people reading this struggle to keep their goals alive and strong?”  See one of things I have learned from personal/professional development is not just goal setting and having them. Your goals have to life!

  1. Write Them Down With Real Pen/Pencil and Paper

    That’s right. It’s really that simple. If you write down your goals on real paper with a real pencil you give your goals life. “They’re alive!” There’s power in writing your goals down. In the 1970’s there was some Harvard students studied to determine how they achieved their success compared to the other 97% students. Turns out those 3% had actually written down their goals and created a plan to achieve those goals, while the other 97% did not.  Of that 97%, 13% had goals however they did not have the goals on paper. This was published by Mark H. McCormack in book  “What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School: Notes from a Street-Smart Executive.”

    Yes that was in the 70’s, but let’s look at where you work in 2016. Your full/part time job has written performance goals for you. If you are in a call center employee, your company set a goal for you to make/receive a certain number of calls per hour, with a certain number of cross sales, up sells, etc. If you work in retail you have a sales per hour. If you work for a bank you have quarterly goals for new checking account balances, new loan volumes, credit cards, etc. Even if you are teller at the bank you are expected to refer a certain number of clients/cross sales to your personal bankers. Everything at your job has a measured result/goal. What happens if you don’t hit or exceed the goals? Exactly you’ve promoted yourself to the position of “customer.” In all cases your full/part time job ask you to sign and agree to the goals, to prove you were made aware of them. So if your job gives you “work goals” and will hold you accountable for them, because they are written down and you signed your name stating your know them, received them… don’t you think you should do the same for yourself in your business endeavor? 

    I can tell you from personal experience, there’s magic/powers/etc in writing stuff on actual paper. My personal experience has proven to me that writing down my goals is probably one of the most effective tools in the success tool box! I’ve had my share of suffering and set backs. Yet, when I get out that $1.00 composite note book and pen, and start to write out what I want and why – things change, you take new actions, you start to see things in a different color of life. If you have goals and you don’t have them on paper, I challenge you to go write them down.


  2. Write The Who, What, When, Where, and Why Your Of Your Goals

    If you are still reading that means you are getting value, which is awesome. Please share this with your friends it may help them on their journey.

    So when you write your goals write them in away that’s alive. Write them as measurable events. It’s not enough to say I want to make $100,000. You’ve got to be specific and detailed as possible. Your job’s goals are specific as possible, shouldn’t yours be as well? So let me give you an example: I (Who) will make $100,000 (what) by Dec 31, 2016, (when) from selling HerbalLife (put your products/services) products and services on the internet (where) to help people lose weight. (Why) It looks more like this: [fancy_box id=1]”I will make $100,000.00 by 12/31/2016 from selling HerbalLife Products and Services via the internet. I will help people to be in the best possible shape of their lives.”[/fancy_box]

    Another way to write them is and this is how I write mines: “I (who) am so happy and grateful now (when) that, I make $100,000 (what) from internet (where) sales of my EmpowerNetwork Products and Services, to help people achieve their definition of financial freedom. (why)”   [fancy_box id=1]”I am so happy grateful, now that I make $100,000 from internet sales of my Empower Network products and services to help people to achieve their definition of financial freedom.”[/fancy_box]

    I learned it from Bob Proctor’s book, “You Were Born Rich.”   It’s a great book and you must read it. This way resonates with me because of the “now” factor. This then tells your subconscious mind to search for ways to make this happen. It also acts as an affirmation as well, which helps you to change your beliefs around your ability to achieve that goal. This also gives gratitude for what you’ve accomplished in the future as well – making it an ultra goal. By combing all the “forces” you just give your goals life on major juice…and we all focus on the juice to keep it flowing.

  3. Put Your Goals Where You Can See Them Regularly

    Just as the subtitle said. Once you’ve figure out what you want, you’ve written them down, then put them some where you will see them. On your bedroom ceiling. On the door to your bedroom, or kitchen, or refrigerator, or kitchen cabinets. You can cut out picture of what your completed/accomplished goal looks like and post those on your walls/mirrors/car/phone background etc. You can create a vision board. John Assaraf, author, entrepreneur, co-stared on the hit show the The Secret” is huge on these. In the movie The Secret, he shared that he was sitting in the house he had on his board several years ago. Check it out!!!

    Once you have written down your goals, you can then use the calendar function on your smart phone to remind you to review your goals. You can put them on 3×5 cards and put them in your car. You can take a photo and save it as a background on your phone. This I know for sure, you’ve got to keep them in front of you as much as possible. Let’s be real. We’ve got a lot of stuff coming towards us and it’s very demanding of our attention. As you review them, you will start to believe in them and make them happen. I’ve accomplished a lot of my goals and right now – you reading this is one them.  If have other ideas on how to keep your goals in front of you, please share down below!

    So there are my 3 steps to give your goals life and keep them strong.

    1. Write them down on pen and paper.

    2. Write them in a manner that address the “who, what, when, where, and why.”

    3. Review them regularly – either post them on the door, counter, freezer, mirror, on the ceiling, on your car’s dashboard, on your phone.

    Do you have some that I missed? Please share them below.

    Did you get value from this post? I LIVE for your feedback. Please drop me a line down in the comment section.

    Take care!








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