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How To Stay Engaged – 3 Tips To Keep You In Your Game

Do you just feel like throwing in the towel at times? Have you ever thought to yourself, “Why am I hanging around these negative nellies?” Do you ever wonder why it’s so important to keep your mindset on positive and lovely things? Then let’s watch this video and have a conversation about it.

My middle nephew came to visit me and to help him with his career plans. During his visit, I got really present to a few things, that I just had to share. One of the biggest things that jumped right out at me was “negative self-talk.” It’s so darn destructive and yet mostly all of us are unaware that we do it in the first place. We do it everytime we dismiss our little wins. We do it when we make excuses for us not doing x,y, or z. We do it to make our friends look and feel better. I can do a whole video series on this. Yet, I only want to focus on 3 quick things you and I can do to keep ourselves engaged and on our game court.

Now on to the video!



I will confess, I was so worried about putting this video out there and sharing. It wasn’t perfect and blah blah blah. I just finished reading Grant Cardone’s book – Be Obsessed or Be Average.   Now, I am taking action; and that action is doing this. I am going to stick with internet marketing, self-branding till I get it right.  When we stay engaged and on the court, we can get things done and create wins for ourselves. You can win – just stay in the game and on the court.

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How To Bounce Back In 2 Quick Steps


Do you feel like you are stuck with your business, internet marketing, etc? Do you feel like you’ve been knocked down or knocked back a few feet? We all do at some point on our individual journey on this road called life.

In this video, I share my recent and personal experience with my quest to learn internet marketing. I share what 2 little things I did to get back up on the horse and continue on my journey. These 2 little things are the reasons why I’ve shot this video and now sharing with you.

Watch this video and let these 2 Quick Steps motivate and inspire you to continue your quest towards the goal(s) you seek.

Here’s to your success


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Why You Must Invest In Your Personal Development


In a previous post, I talked about 4 things you probably wanted to know before your bought your work from home internet program.
1. How much personal development you will have invest in addition to the program.
2. You probably wanted to know that you won’t make much money from the start.
3. You probably will have to buy additional training, products, services to help you get traffic to your website/blog, convert that traffic to leads, and then into a sale.
4. You probably wanted to know that you need staying power.

Here’s the link to that video – click here.

In this video, I will talk about personal development and the critical role it will play in your business success. Let’s be blunt, your mindset will always determine your level of success. What you have is a direct reflection of your beliefs, mindset, etc. It doesn’t matter which upline you belong to, whose program you bought, or how many blog posts you have. Stinking thinking will always yield stinking results.

If you still need more proof, then here are 6 articles on the subject of personal development and success.

1. Success.com  –  Rohn: Why Personal Development Is Critical to Success

2. Entrepreneur.com  – The 3  Personal Development Goals Successful People Pursue Habitually

3.  Ryan Robinson  –  The 6 Personal Development Stages That Took Me from Secretary to Self-Employed

4. Forbes.com  – What Every Leader Must Know About Personal Development

5. Huffington Post – The Link Between Personal Development and Professional Success

6.  Life Optimizer  – Why Personal Development Is Even More Important

Let’s start to win by changing our mindset about wealth, success, money, abundance, our abilities to get things done, etc. We can do that faster by studying ourselves, taking action, and making course corrections.



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How To Attract Leads To Your Business

Whatever business you are in you’ve got to have people to sell to. Let’s be frank, whatever your belief(s) is/are about money, success, wealth you still need people to sell to or not sell to regardless. How are you going to do that. We all know that old rhyme, “if you build it, then they will come” doesn’t work. Look at all the closed shops in your area.  We also know that “word of mouth” gets you so far.

Just how do you get leads, find folks who want your product/services/maybe even join your business if you are in network marketing?  It’s marketing! Yes, marketing. All major companies has some form of a marketing budget to reach their target market.  We must do the same.  We can’t keep asking our friends and family, and then ask them if they know 5 people to refer to us.

I can here you now going, “Earl, I don’t know nothing about marketing.” You can probably guess what I am going to say – “Learn it.” You can learn how to market your business. As a matter, the fact you are reading this blog is even more proof of that, because I learned how to market myself. I am still learning new things – like video blogging! It’s getting better.  As you learn the skills to market on line and apply what you learn, you will start to get results. From those results you can make course corrections and adjusts. As you get leads and success, your vibration starts to raise. Before you know it – you will have more leads than you can shake a stick at. These are people who’ve agreed to hear what you have to offer.  Now how would that make you feel?

Finally, you’ve also got to do this. Now really get this. However you decide to market, just remember that people are freaking awesome and they got a lot on their plate. So if you are in network marketing, get to know them and connect with them before you decide to say “look at my dvd.”  If you are in banking like me, connect with them.  When you take your internet marketing training, hopefully you will choose a program that also focuses on personal development as well.  So important, as we all have our habits and weird things about us, that attracts to us things we don’t want.

Let’s wrap this up – I have a 90 mile bike ride tomorrow morning. Now, if you are going to learn how to market, then learn how to market on line.  Take an internet marketing course from people like EmpowerNetwork.  Also, if you decide you want to, then you we can talk.  There are others as well. Find one – try it and learn. Success is a learned. You can’t demand from the Universe a life of freedom, if you aren’t willing to invest in yourself and get the skills you need to do your part, to make your dreams come true.  That smart phone in your hand is an ally. Take the time to learn how to market online. You will be so glad you did – when you have fresh new leads to talk to about your products and services, instead of your Grandparent’s friends for the 5th time.

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How Success Is Linked To Actions – 3 Quotes To Inspire You To Actions

We all have a dream of making it big, telling our love ones that they don’t have to worry about money, or telling the folks at the plant you ain’t coming back. We all dream of that day. Some of us take actions/steps to reach that goal, while some of us sit around and say some day. So for those of us who take those steps/actions, we open up a business or we join a network marketing opportunity. We get off to a great start, then we lose steam. This thing called life starts to eat at us. The wife starts demanding more time. The kids need new shoes, and of course the husband is acting a damn fool. Yet, that dream of success is calls and beckons you come forth. So at this point you just need something to help you get over that “hump.” You want to be reminded that success is a lot hard of work. It will keep you up at night, and you will need the physical strength of 10 bears to make this happen. So here are some quotes that I found to give your body/mind some needed recharge. Keep these posted somewhere, to remind yourself – success is just an action step ahead.

“Success Is Created By Learning and Doing Success.” Earl L. Jones
I really came to this conclusion while learning how to scuba dive a few weekends ago in Monterrey, CA. The only way to achieve anything, or any level of success in anything – at the job, at home, driving a car, etc. You must learn how to do it and then do what you’ve learned. Just think for second. Did you come out of your mom’s womb knowing how to drive a car? Did you know how to read? Did you know how to talk and form something of a complete sentence? You did not. Let’s take it one step further, how much training did you complete on your job/business/etc? So if you want to change your definition of success, achieve a new level of success, or just be a higher degree of success, then you must learn and do what you’ve learned to achieve the success you want. Go learn how to be the success you want, do what you are told, and watch what happens.

12552271_1014212235287001_369747923_n“You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.” Richard Branson

Read this quote again. Do you notice a pattern here? Parents, did you read to your kids from the “rule book” on parenting about walking? No, you did not. You taught your little one how to walk…and you let them fall. At some point they got it down, but not without trying and falling. Exactly, that’s how we are with success. We must learn the success steps, fall down, then get up again. Walking requires action…success requires action. Hell even as adults we trip while walking, but that doesn’t stop us from getting up, laughing about it, and posting it on social media.

“Often the difference between a successful person and a failure is not one has better abilities or ideas, but the courage that one has to bet on one’s ideas, to take a calculated risk – and TO ACT.”  Andre Malraux 

We all have goals and dreams. Your goal could be to learn internet marketing, start a business, grow your business, or just to get through the day. The only way any of that is going to happen is with action. My experience has been that I get to caught up in the  “I don’t know what to do.” Or I got caught up in the “I’m scared they will laugh at me.” It happens to all of us. And we must just realize something. If we can get in our cars, on our motorcycles, on our bikes, jog in a not so well lighted park, or work at our jobs, then going for goals is just as easy if not easier. The biggest thing that stops us, is that we are so familiar with our “normal.”  That’s where learning, actions, learning, actions, etc comes in. That creates our new normal, and now the achievement of a particular goal is achieved.

Success is learned actions repeated over and over. Walking is learned repeated over and over. Talking is learned. Reading is learned. Even driving your car to and from work is learned. If you want to succeed in any business, sales position, career, publishing, even just how to work out better, you’ve got to learn and then take the actions required. That’s the only way you are going to know if you what you learned works our not. So whatever dream you have, there’s a course on how to do it and win. Go get take that course, learn it, and then do it.

If you want to learn how to blog, online marketing, how to recruit people into your home based business, or just drive traffic to your website, then click the box below and get some tips and tools.

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How Scuba Diving Taught Me Success Is Learned

Getting open water scuba diver certified was a massive accomplishment for me. It meant that my fears of not being able to say afloat in deep water was no longer valid.  It also meant I can learn how to conquer them. A lot of us fear success, money, wealth, a healthy and balance relationship, network marketing, starting our own business. Any fear can be overcame by learning and actions. If I can get scuba diver certified then you can get “certified” in any area of your life where you are afraid to succeed.  
  1. First scuba diving taught me that success is learned. That’s right. Success is learned. We don’t know what success is until we learn it. It’s all learned. It doesn’t matter what the area of your life is you want to improve, change, reinvent etc you are can learn to do it. In order to get certified as a scuba diver I had to take a PADI course at my local dive shop. I had to listen/watch/and do what my amazing instructor Greg Olson of LazyDiver.com said to do. I simply watched him, did what he did, and got the results I wanted. It may have taken me a few tries, but I learned it and got it down. You can see the PADI card as proof. On my fourth and final certification dive my group and I dove 36 feet in Monterrey Bay’s San Carlos Beach. I was able to do that because I learned from a successful diver. I learned how to breath with a scuba tank, descend to the bottom of the ocean floor, swim just a few inches above the floor, etc. I learned and applied all that I learned from Greg and his team. To succeed at any thing you must learn how to do what’s required. You didn’t pop out as a baby with the ability to walk and talk, you had to learn. Learn to succeed by taking the courses/training that you need in order to win – then do what you learned.

  2. Second thing I learned from Scuba diving is this. There will always be something that you have to deal with. I got sea sick while waiting for my last certification. Yes you can get sea sick, just bobbing up and down in the water in scuba gear. My last certification test was a control free descent to the bottom, float just above the ocean floor, completely remove the mast, use the compass to navigate away from the dive point and return at 24 feet of ocean water. Not a problem – right. Once underwater, the sea sickness went away. Once I got the signal from my instructor I removed my mask. All of sudden cold ocean water is on my face. I didn’t open my eyes at all. My breathing starts to escalate and I am starting to panic. This is despite the fact I have full tank of air and my regulator in my mouth (I can breath.) All sorts of thoughts went through my head. Even the thought of “you can’t do this.” That’s when something said, “To hell with that.” I take a deep breath. Slowed down my breathing. Put my mask back on. Purge it as best as I could. Opened my eyes…and no salt water didn’t bother my eyes. It was then I noticed the mask wasn’t properly sealed around my face…because all the water was in the mask again. I cleared the mask again, got it properly sealed, and kept it moving. Now it was freaking freaky! Yes it was!!!! I’m not going to lie to you. But isn’t that how life goes? You have everything in place and water comes rushing in. It freaks you out, your wife out, your boss out. Everyone is freaking out, while ignoring the obvious leaky seal around the mask that is designed to keep the water out. If I had not gotten in control of my thoughts, my emotions, etc…who knows what would have had happened. It’s 24 feet of ocean water with a strong current that you can actually see and feel. That experience really taught me that you’ve got to always stay in control of yourself. It’s so easy get caught up and swept away in what’s not working, what’s not going right, or the why this isn’t working. When it’s just a simple “reseal your mask” and clear the water from it. Don’t lose your hard work because you got some water in your mask.

  3. Final lesson from getting scuba diver certified. There’s nothing on this planet you and I can’t learn to do. If you have a fear of success, then learn about success. If you have a fear of money, then learn about money. If you have a fear of network marketing, then go and learn about network marketing. If you fear job interviews, then learn how to do them and go have some. Look we didn’t come from our mom’s as baby knowing how to read, walk, talk, eat, wipe our butts, or even how to go the bathroom. We had to learn to that. So winning at life is no different. You have to learn and do. If you really want to take it further, then learn, do, then teach. Whatever you fear – go learn it – and do it. There’s a whole world waiting for you to explore, see, touch, taste, and experience. If you allow fear of your age, sexual orientation, education or lack their of, your wife/husband, parents etc keep you from it – then you are just missing out. Thus you’ve allowed your fear to teach you failure. Go learn success, do it, and be it!

If you are afraid to do internet marketing, network marketing, blogging, direct sales, start your own home business, etc. You don’t have to be afraid any more. You can learn to succeed at all those and change your world. Below is a link to video for you to watch that talks about blogging and system I’m using. Go watch it. You might learn something that will make a difference to help you get over your fears, so that you can take action(s) to get what you want. And at the very bottom of the screen is a place for you put your name and email to get information on how to work from home. You can learn to succeed, the question is do you want to. 

 Take care!


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Use A Blog and Email Marketing To Win In Your Business

Over 90% of the people who try to create/build/start an online business of some kind will fail. They will fail a multitude of reasons. The biggest reasons are failure to deploy the right technology and resources; and they will refuse to learn/and apply what they need to learn to succeed. So if you want to start marketing online,  leverage the power of the internet to build a network marketing team, or grow your existing brick/mortar business then you got to have these basics tools. These are the same tools played with by the big kids – all major retailers/businesses that we all know and love.
  1. Blog! Blog!! Blog!!!

    Like I said in my previous blog post (3 Can’t Miss Tools To Win In Network Marketing,) this tool is a must! It’s something you can’t go without. I challenge you to go to the website of your favorite companies and see if they have a blog. If they have one, then you must have one. It doesn’t matter if you are doctor, a roof contractor, or network marketer. You must have a blog, use it and blog often, provide valuable content to your readers, and connect with them! Your blog can and will drive traffic to your website (if you have one.)  Blogging empowers you and your company to connect with your customers on a much deeper level. So make sure you are on the right side of that page. Follow the leaders. Just imagine how your life would change, if you just made 1% of your favorite company’s sales revenue? If you are stuck and need help – just click the link below or the photo of the blogging system that I am using to create this blog! It’s called Kalatu and a lot of bloggers are using it for it’s rich features and benefits. If you check it out and don’t like then go get one that you like and can use! Get it set up and blog!!! Write about topics/stuff that is related to your audience. If you are OBGYN, then write about women’s health and related topics. If you are personal trainer, then write about fitness/diet and related topics. If you are a photographer, then blog about your photos and the experience!!! People love to connect, so give them something to talk about. Click Here to Learn More About Blog! Blog!! Blog!!!

    Virtual Blogging System



Email Capture and Auto Responder

GetResponse Email AutoResponderListen, I’ve been getting emails from my favorite shops/places for years. Like one of my favorite mentors/coaches Bob Proctor would send me an email with his Daily Insight to start my day on a positive note. Then there’s Rhonda Brynes creator of the movie “The Secret.” Her team sends me lessons on the application of the Law of Attraction. While Macy’s informs me of another sale. To me this was some IT tech gumbo/jumbo, until I learned about email-autoresponder. An an email capture/auto responder to any business is like air to tire. It’s like water to a fish. Like a large deposit balance to a bank. It will allow you to stay in touch with your customers long after they have left your sight, or made a purchase with you. Always ask people for their email and the permission to email them on a regular basis. If you are brick/mortar store ask your staff to collect the emails of your customers. If you are an internet based business, make sure to ask your visitors for their email. Once you get that email, you can stay in touch with your “leads” “clients” on a frequent basis. If you don’t have one, then get one!!! I am using Get Response. I personally don’t care which one you use. If you are serious about growing your business, then get one. Click Here to Learn More About Email Capture and Auto Responder

I am sure the big guys are using more than this. They have a bigger budget than you and I, plus they have a staff (which you and I can if we out source.) Never the less, if we want our businesses to grow, then we got to leverage these tools to make it work. It doesn’t matter what your business is or is not, the internet is the one of the main keys to your success! If want to build a successful business, then you must get a blog and an email auto-responder. You will need social media, it’s part of the package process and important ingredient. Now, let me make this clear. This is a slow process, it takes work, and you’ve got to be committed to the process. So be committed to your success. Besides, if you can learn about your job and what you need to do to get a check, then you can learn about this and get some more checks! If you need a system, then check out the Kalatu system. It’s what I am using…and so many 1000’s of bloggers out there. So they must doing something right!

Let me know your decision – and share the love. You ain’t the only one with trying to hit your goals. Help your brotha/sista out.