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The Power of Why, Intentions, and Outcomes – Lessons From Bowling


Do you ever feel like you are just all over the board when it comes to your business? Do you feel like “this” just ain’t happening? Well after spending the weekend in Vegas for an IGBO bowling tournament and only winning 95 bucks…I have discovered why my performance reflects that “this” ain’t working results. Our results are a direct reflection of our “why, intentions, and outcomes.” Our “why” – why did we start that network marketing business. Our intentions reflect what we planned to do with the business. Let’s be frank, some of us had to plan to do nothing other than “hope” it would just work out. Our outcomes – what are the results we need to be in alignment with our “why” and “intentions.” Again some of us just “hope.” And we get results that looked like we “hoped” for death of the idea. To be successful at anything – our “why” intentions” and “outcomes” must be in alignment. If they are not, then you get results that looks like you “hoped” for something to stick.

The book I started reading this weekend is “Sell or Be Sold” by Grant Cardone.  This book got me to asking myself what’s up? What’s going on? What could I have done differently? If you take the time to step back and evaluate your outcomes, then you can begin to see where you can improve, tweak, and take new actions. This is why I  focus and push to inspire you to invest in your personal development. I can’t think of one of “successful” person that does not invest in the game, mindset, etc.




Look we all want results that propels us towards our definition of the “good life.”  So the question becomes how do we consistently get them…and this book lead me to the answers I discovered and shared in the video above. So go watch the video… and then get the book and read it. If you order the book, then order it from here –“Sell or be Sold.”  

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PSS: Here’s the Facebook post of what my friend Sam accomplished. This is was his first 300 game. His 300 is a good example how this idea can work in any area/goal you want!  Show him some love and support ;-)!