The Power of Why, Intentions, and Outcomes – Lessons From Bowling


Do you ever feel like you are just all over the board when it comes to your business? Do you feel like “this” just ain’t happening? Well after spending the weekend in Vegas for an IGBO bowling tournament and only winning 95 bucks…I have discovered why my performance reflects that “this” ain’t working results. Our results are a direct reflection of our “why, intentions, and outcomes.” Our “why” – why did we start that network marketing business. Our intentions reflect what we planned to do with the business. Let’s be frank, some of us had to plan to do nothing other than “hope” it would just work out. Our outcomes – what are the results we need to be in alignment with our “why” and “intentions.” Again some of us just “hope.” And we get results that looked like we “hoped” for death of the idea. To be successful at anything – our “why” intentions” and “outcomes” must be in alignment. If they are not, then you get results that looks like you “hoped” for something to stick.

The book I started reading this weekend is “Sell or Be Sold” by Grant Cardone.  This book got me to asking myself what’s up? What’s going on? What could I have done differently? If you take the time to step back and evaluate your outcomes, then you can begin to see where you can improve, tweak, and take new actions. This is why I  focus and push to inspire you to invest in your personal development. I can’t think of one of “successful” person that does not invest in the game, mindset, etc.




Look we all want results that propels us towards our definition of the “good life.”  So the question becomes how do we consistently get them…and this book lead me to the answers I discovered and shared in the video above. So go watch the video… and then get the book and read it. If you order the book, then order it from here –“Sell or be Sold.”  

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PSS: Here’s the Facebook post of what my friend Sam accomplished. This is was his first 300 game. His 300 is a good example how this idea can work in any area/goal you want!  Show him some love and support ;-)!


The One Thing I Do Every Day – Ask A Simple Question

There’s one thing that I do every day, since I’ve moved to California from St. Louis in 2013. I crossed the Arizona boarder into California desert with tears in my eyes and give my God the glory and praise. I almost ran into the back of a truck. Yeah, I was a bit happy!!!  Moving to California was what you call an “if it happens great or a “pipe dream.”  It wasn’t until my girlfriend Susan Greene, who own a company called Paint Imagery in St. Louis challenged me to either “shut up or put up.”  Actually she was bit more colorful than that. I might as well tell the story.

Susan and Earl


Susan and I did the AIDS/LifeCycle Ride in June 2013 together. This was her first ride and my second ride. I’m still not exactly sure how I got her to join me…but I did something right.  I was so honored and humbled to be with her on that journey. The woman is a damn good cyclist, or just too stubborn to give up. She’strong, classy,and damn good looking. She knows how to handle her business!!!! Well during that ride I kept saying, “Why don’t I move to California? There’s something magical that happens to me when I am near the ocean and can see the whales, etc.” Of course Susan agreed. She will never discourage a person from pursuing a goal/dream.  Well  on day 6 of the ride, we both decide to just take it easy and go hang out at camp.  She and I must have talked about everything under the sun. We laughed so much and so loud, that other folks had to join in. It was on the way to a local Starbucks, that I started talking about moving to California again. Susan, looked me right in the face and said…”If you say that one more time without a plan…”   She went on to explain that whatever fear I had wasn’t valid or real, and in the end if I didn’t move to California I would live to regret it. One thing I know for sure, God gave women just little bit more wisdom then men. I don’t care if you are gay, straight, whatever…women have some keen insight into things that men just don’t have.

1003819_4915303442881_2098400350_nLong story short…we finish the ride. I get back home. I get a call from my previous manager Joel to check up and on me and see how things went. I told Joel about the trip and that he almost got a call stating I had stayed in California. The next words out of his mouth just floored me. He said, “We can transfer you out there. I know the hiring manger. They need support and we can work to make that happen.”  That was mid-June 2013. Sure to his word, I had an offer on the table from my previous employer for Mountain View, CA in July 2013. I left St. Louis, MO August 5, 2013 and arrived in Palo Alto, CA on August 7, 2013 at 7pm. Now my company did not pay for the relocation, because it was considered a transfer. I had to pay for it. The cost of rent out here is high as hell, and I gladly pay it.  So get this. I left St. Louis…I didn’t have a place to stay until I got here. I didn’t have an apartment lined up either. I got here on the 7th of August. I remember pulling over on the side of road starting to freak out in front of a Bank of America branch…because I didn’t have a hotel room. With the help of my auto club service I found a hotel room. On August 8 and 9 I look for a place and found one on August 9. I moved in August 10 (which is so hard to do in my neck of the woods) and slept on an air mattress. (Yes, I still have it.)  My furniture arrived on August 13, which was 2 weeks earlier… and  I had internet/cable/gas/water turned on August 15.  Now stay with me, it gets better!

The one thing that I do every day, since I took Susan’s advice and relocated to California, is focus on “HOW DO I MAKE IT HAPPEN?”  Look if I can make the ducks line up in a row to move across country on my own dime, find a place to say in less than 2 days, then surely I can make just about anything else I want to happen. At the end of the day the ducks aren’t going to line up on their own. No time is going to be perfect. The customers may or may not return your phone call. The associate pastor may or not may bring the Word of God like the Pastor does. None of that will keep a person who is committed to the success of their endeavors from reaching their goals.  See when I started asking the question, “How do I make it happen?” my thoughts and attention went from “we can’t do this because of that…” to searching for what can I do. How can I make this happen? It cost me over 10k to move across country. I got the money. My rent is over 2300 bucks a month. It’s paid on time every month.  I got food in the fridge and cute shoes to put on my feet!     It costs me almost $2000 to fly home to see my my mom… for a few days! All I focus on “How do I make it happen?”

photo credit to – www.hdfbcover.com

Now don’t get it twisted. I’ve had to fight doubts, fears, etc.They creeps up on you…always lurking in the shadows. One my previous pastors called it stinking thinking.That’s when I hasten back to the throne and simply ask, “How Do I Make It Happen?”  Since I’ve asked myself that question on a daily basis… a lot has changed. I became a indoor cycling instructor at an awesome gym!!! I got a new position in the field I wanted. I am seeing success in my position and I can see the impact I am making on my clients’ businesses.  I’ve learned to cycle better. I’m about to learn scuba diving…thanks to my awesome swim coach!!! I’ve learned to ride a motorcycle; and gone kayaking. Now I am learning how to do internet marketing.  This doesnt’ mean everything is rosy/peach king. Life is not easy for no one! Show me a person who says life is easy, and we will be both laugh at them. Life is easy when you are dead and gone. That’s when life is easy. You have to go for what you want; and the only thing you and I can ever control is our thinking, how react to situations, and how we talk to ourselves and others, which is reflective of how we really talk to ourselves. If you are calling Mary Jane all this and that, then you are really saying that to yourself… (that’s a different blog…I must remain focused) Allow me to make this clear, sometimes the best thing to do…is not to do it. That’s right sometimes, even though I can figure out away to do x  ory…doesn’t mean I always do it. Sometimes, the actions we take can lead us away from our goals. So I strive to balance my actions in alignment with my goals. Sometimes, I get it wrong and have to make course corrections and learn!!! I’m still human and don’t carry a crystal ball. Most of the times I get it rights and the fruits of my labor proves it.

So yeah, with praise in my heart everyday I do this one thing. I ask, “How Do I Make It Happen?”  Whether’s it’s flying home to see my family, buying a new bike, or getting that new position I have, or whatever. I keeps my eyes focused on on that prize. For a little extra kick, I say a quick and humble “Thank you!!”  Or I will say, “I’m so happy and grateful now that…”   Always give thanks to the powers that be. At the end of the day, all you can account for is what you did or did not do. The rest is not and will never be about you! (Another blog) See this is why I wrote about hustling=entrepreneurship.We have to see ourselves as the successes we currently are!  All we are doing it getting to the next level. To get there faster, you may want to start asking yourself, “How Do I Make It Happen?” It’s working for me – maybe it can work for you/and or add to what you are currently doing. Keep me posted!

Wishing you continued success… And share the love!!!