Welcome to my resources. This is my personal tool/war chest. Please feel free to learn what you can and use what you can. These tools helped me, they can help you!

1. To Learn More About Working From home —-> click here.

2. 6 Minutes A Day Can Change Your Life (This got me out of a huge funk and back on track) Bob Proctor is just awesome! This free video will just show you how to get results that stick. It’s so worth it!!!!!  —> click here 

3. If you are looking for just a quick down and dirty free MLM Recruiting System – check out what my mentor put together —> click here

4. Recommended books to read! – Keep your mind sharp at all times. Guard what you put in your mind. This list will always grow. I may make it separate page on my blog. 

  • The Magic Of Thinking Big   – this book is a must read. Just quick, easy, and full of good juicy material and practical exercises to help you get your mind/thoughts on the right track.
  • The Choose Yourself Wealth Guide – this book is for you.  You want to be in business, grow your business, do better at your career – whatever it is. You’ve got to realize it’s okay to be about yourself. James Altucher will help you do just that. He has a daily exercise routine that just might love. Check it out!




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