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Greetings and Salutations:

In nutshell the purpose of my blog to is to empower you to create your life, and life your creation. We all have goals, dreams, visions, etc of what our lives should be like. How do we get what we have inside of us to the outside? How we make ‘it’ appear?

When we were born we didn’t come with a set of instructions or warranty. Our parents did the best they could. Some of us had it easier, and some of us had it hard. Yet all of us have the power to change it…and bring what deep down inside of us to the surface. If we didn’t have this ability, none of us would be here reading this blog. We would have been wiped out like the dinosaurs or something. We all have the ability to evolve and overcome. Just look back in the history books and what do you see. You see people defying the odds, winning against forces that where way beyond their control. What kept them, propelled them to succeed, that something on the inside!

Yes, I am that guy who strongly believes we all can have our cake and eat it to. There’s no reason for any of us to live less than what we really want. Yes, in order to that  we must either reprogram ourselves from all the drama/foolishness we witnessed/did/participated in/or whatever from back in the day. Or we must just accept whatever life gives us. Where I currently live, life is not handing out nice lottery scratch off tickets.

With that said, like you I want to live my best life possible. One of the fastest ways to do that, is by growing and developing a person/professionally, while I am adding value and giving value to those around me. Yes…if we ain’t helping each other to grow/provide some shade in while in the heat etc… then why are we hanging out. Listen…life is too short…we needs to maximize our time on the planet while we have it.

So my blogs will be to inspire you and myself. It’s my goal to not only create my life, and live my creation. I want you to do the same. After all, I need people to travel and cycle with!!! We all want the same thing, just different variations of it… so let’s work together to make it happen.  Now so that you know, if you click the links and make any purchases…those companies will pay me a commission. Yep… it’s called affiliate marketing. It’s a powerful way to build and create wealth for yourself and your family. So, as I learn how to do this…I will share what I know. When I find tools that work, I will share. You can get and use the tools, or you don’t.  Right now all the links on my page I have or currently use.

AIDS/LifeCycle Ceremony Final thing…You should know I am a group fitness instructor as well. I teach indoor cycling and I love it. I am also doing a 545 mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles with AIDS/LifeCycle. (I wrote a blog and included them… check it out here.) After you’ve checked them out…and you want to contribute please feel free to do so!  I have to raise like 5000 bucks and I need all the help I can get!!!  Oh, yes I have a full time gig in business banking. If you need a loan, let me know!

Here’s to our continued success!!!



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