How To Stay Engaged – 3 Tips To Keep You In Your Game

Do you just feel like throwing in the towel at times? Have you ever thought to yourself, “Why am I hanging around these negative nellies?” Do you ever wonder why it’s so important to keep your mindset on positive and lovely things? Then let’s watch this video and have a conversation about it.

My middle nephew came to visit me and to help him with his career plans. During his visit, I got really present to a few things, that I just had to share. One of the biggest things that jumped right out at me was “negative self-talk.” It’s so darn destructive and yet mostly all of us are unaware that we do it in the first place. We do it everytime we dismiss our little wins. We do it when we make excuses for us not doing x,y, or z. We do it to make our friends look and feel better. I can do a whole video series on this. Yet, I only want to focus on 3 quick things you and I can do to keep ourselves engaged and on our game court.

Now on to the video!



I will confess, I was so worried about putting this video out there and sharing. It wasn’t perfect and blah blah blah. I just finished reading Grant Cardone’s book – Be Obsessed or Be Average.   Now, I am taking action; and that action is doing this. I am going to stick with internet marketing, self-branding till I get it right.  When we stay engaged and on the court, we can get things done and create wins for ourselves. You can win – just stay in the game and on the court.

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12 thoughts on “How To Stay Engaged – 3 Tips To Keep You In Your Game

    1. Adewale and there is the struggle for everyone because sometimes we just give up when are 3ft or less from the gold we seek.

  1. Hey Earl,

    Thanks for this share. I believe it’s something I needed. Yes, we all have negative self-talk and it’s only when you’re aware of it that you can do something about it.

    1. Daniel, amen. Yes indeed. The good thing is, that you and I discovered this while we still have breath in our bodies to do something about it.

  2. Loved the video! So true…we have to immerse ourselves in success in order to be successful. That means dismissing negative people, negative talk and negative thoughts. Thanks for sharing, Earl! 🙂

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